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Pesterchum (Thread)

I just downloaded Pesterchum and I've been seeing a lot of Homestuck fans around Colorless, so I was just wondering if anyone else had one?

My handle is cantaloupeConnoisseur, everyone else should post theirs if they have one.

hahaha OH WOW I feel like such a homestuck for making this thread

whatever I'm bored and it would be fun to chat with someone on pesterchum

i read homestuck from tiem to time, but i dunno what is pesterchum? i mean.. did they reall recreate it now?

@break it's like AIM or Yahoo! Messenger that they use in Homestuck.

yeah they created a real one


oh, taht, i see. is there anything special about it, except for the name and design?

no not really, but it's fun for like roleplaying or something

I really want one. So bad. but I can't download it 'cause I don't know my laptop's admin password. My dad has it :/

People keep asking me what my Pesterchum handle is and I have to tell them I don't have one. sobs #FirstWorldProblems

xD Lol well I have 2 chumhandles, graciousCreeper and purestBoredom.

Btw, you could have posted this in the other Homestuck thread :b. Though it might be time to make a new thread... With explanation or something. Lets hope I don't do that.

@pure well I wanted this one to just be a "post your chumhandle" thread

aerodynamicMunchies, yo.

Mairu and I have the same initials, so I made another account: steamPunk. I'll still use aerodynamicMunchies for one-on-one chats, though. ^_^


:V oh I might get some chums to talk to now



I'm melodiousAura or arreDerp or theDerpette.


I feel like I was the only one to try and come up with a handle using A C T G haha

Mmm... DNA bases... I felt so stupidly excited when they started teaching it in my Biology class because of Homestuck :B

captainMarvelous. Bitches can't match my marvelous-ness.

butteryHotsauce reporting in!

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