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Sony Smash Bros. (Thread)
There are quite a few rumours going around that SuperBot, a Sony developer is making a Smash bros. - style fighter which will include characters such as Kratos from God of War, Sly Raccoon and Pappa the Rapper.

This website seems to be posting lots of information about the game. Of course, this could all be just to get the guys view count up, but we all know how great Sony is at keeping secrets.

Rather interesting possibility, not sure if I would play it though.

As much as I love Sony, and the possibility of having Crash Bandicoot fight Pappa; I don't think it will sell well. The charm of SSB was that it was simple to get into and had room for perfection. I don't see Sony as being able to emulate that. I feel like it would Mortal Kombat with some classic characters. Not a fresh, floaty fighting game with the technicalities strip off. Just a simple game that we've already played with some lovable characters.

I don't know. I think that Sony should be able to create something as good. It will be slightly more realistic than smash bros. as I can see them using more humanoid characters and people with guns (uncharted, killzone, resistance etc.)

If they can pull this off though, then the little loyalty I had to Nintendo will be mute. The only reason I bought a Wii was to play the new Smash Bros.

///No No NO OMG this can't be happening smash Bros can't be killed by them Smash Bros to good to have this horror show and i mean BAD horror show///

No.... ._. not supporting this like at all.. :I Hope it doesnt happen.. o_o

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