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Im in love with a girl but im a girl to how should i ask her (Thread)

I go to an all girls catholic school and they teach us that loveing in the way a man and a woman love each other is right and loving some one of the same sex as you is against god. I have had this girl in my life since Middle school. I truely love her she does things for me and i do things for her what ever we ask of each other. she changed me from who i was to whom i am in now. How shoul i tell her my feelings.

whoa now thats kind aclicheic setting youve gotten yourself into.. in any case, what are they basing their "loving a person of the same sex is against god" on? pretty sure theres nto even one place in the bible or so taht mentiosn anythign against lesbian love. i dotn have any experience with confessign to soemone of the same gender, but maybe you should try just telling her you love her? if shes agains it, you can still say you just said taht you love her like a sister or something, so nothign will be lost, and if it works, then well, youve won.

@break thanks for the advice. Shes just left a few minutes ago to go running Im afraid of what she will reject me or everyone will think im some kind of a freak.

@SETTON18 eh, running? not from you, right? well tahst why its convenient your both girls-the "i love you" "---eh i mean i love you like a brother/sister" could usually only work for girls i figure, it aint gonna work wth boys/girls or boys/boys usually.. or at least thats what i figured. hope it goes well for you, anyways.

it's just like in my yuri manga and eroge!

I think your love is no different from any other
Just take it slow from the advice of a bisexual guy

@ everyone whos posted thank you i really needed help and ill still need help later on.

I feel like people are really underestimating the issue here.

This is an all girl catholic school. Not only do we have an issue with the religious beliefs of the institution, but the risk of being expelled if this were to go public in the school. While I fully support a person in their romantic ventures, there is an elevated risk associated.

I won't ask you to hold your feelings in. If you really are 19, and you've known each other since middle school, you must be close. There is a chance that this is stemming from often exposure and a desire for love, or at least the perception of return affection.

With your proposition, I'd recommend you take it slow and in less private location. I doubt your friend would flip on you if you were to talk it out with her, regardless of her response. Best of luck with it, but be careful. It's easy to get pulled away by the prospect of love. Don't be careless with it though.

If you'd like some religious counsel, I can do that as well. However, if going by the catholic faith, I won't have much good news for you. Sorry. =[

Good luck!

alright i think i have a story that could help, im male (don't like anyone of my gender) but my closest friend is female and she likes females she had a long time friend this friend loved her but she couldn't tell at the time(around high school) but later on she could becouse she had started liking girls but she put her friend off wial she dated other girls (but she really just didn't want to mess up the friendship) after my friend moved for a bit i helped her find this girl on facebook they talked on the phone but the girl had changed she was not a happy person any more, but my friend still told her how she fills but it was to late the girl crushed my friends dreams of being with her lost love again(this is a true story). The point is that u should make sure to take ur time but wait to long and the chance could slip away, i cry for you becouse i know its hard enough to tell someone you like them but having them in the same sex has got to be harder. Do what gut tells u but some times u have to just go for it - two ladies who like other ladies and give out advice on this website- they might have answered questions already that are relevant or similar :) If they don't cover it, why not ask them? :)

@break there are definitely places in the bible that specifically state homosexuality is a sin. however, the bible was written by man and, given the time it was written, it was most likely considered wrong because it didn't help reproduction at all. i don't personally believe homosexuality is wrong, nor that god truly considers homosexuals to be sinners. but at a catholic school they will definitely rip someone apart for that. i agree with @vivodepyre that this is a very serious issue and should be handled very delicately, lest our good friend @setton18 be expelled.

@setton18 i really don't know what to say about this. i have plenty of bisexual and homosexual friends, but we go to a very liberal school and everyone has been open-minded and accepting of their sexuality. however it seems that, in your environment, this is a serious potential threat to your happiness and educational career. all i can say is, try to wait a bit and see how things go. she may feel the same way about you and make the first move, but if she doesn't... i really don't know. i also shouldn't be giving romantic advice because i've never had a crush on anyone before so i don't have any experience. just be careful, okay? i don't want you to get hurt.

@canon well i jow that, also that t was included because many guys were gay at that time and the authors of th ebible were scared of their people dieng out for the lack of children, but it never mentions FEMALE homosexuals i think.. tahst what i meant. then again, its not like those poeple really go aftwer the bible.. the bble embraces pedophily and incest, after all. (not even a chapter after sodom and gomorra get destroyed, the only survivor (the only good guy) is tricked by his daughters into impregnating them.)

@SETTON18: Just do the things you want to do. It may get you in trouble, but I guarantee you that you'll regret conforming later on way more than you'd regret doing what you think is right. I say it from personal experience.

Wait .... and Dont say to her anything
after a year or two you will forget that u love her and
u will say in yourself (( was i in love with her !! ))
That what happened with me 2 :))

@Sentton18 all i can say is that i'm in the same situation as you so yeah pretty much you

"they teach us" Is it what you actually believe, or are you just doing what your told? Either way their's a problem.

@everyone thank you. you guys really help me. i tried asking her and got weak legs and couldnt ask. so i just ended up giving her a foot rub. I will ask her out soon.

leave the school and transfer to somewhere else. then you can be fr33.

yea @flywalker37, fuck what they wan't u like what u like, girl love is the beeeeeeeesst

cj3366, Lovely advice.

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