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Pep Talk (Thread)

I could really use a good pep talk. I feel extraordinarily bad so I wrote a suicide note to see if it would make me feel better and to see if I was good at it. It turned out it made me feel worse and now I could really use someone to cheer me up. If you want I can tell you what I wrote.

you can go on chat if you like

That is a VERY bad idea if you're feeling suicidal. Listen to Usui who know's the amount of troll shit you'll receive.

Hell you may receive more here, but that's entirely up to the people who read this. wanted to see if you were good at writing suicide notes?
Can't even tell if this shit is serious or not ;A;


Um...the Spam board and /main always make me feel better.

The only thing I can say is:


Hm my pity for you makes me not want to troll you. I am always able to cheer myself up with my crappy jokes so Im unsure what to advise.

Hm how about you get some cojones? <3

think about it life isnt that bad
its just how it goes
if you be strong and positive you'll pull through

uhm do somethign happy
go swimming
i dotn relly get how you got to think writing a suicid eletter would cheer you up xD

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