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Humility confessions thread (Thread)

Hi, my name is Matt, otherwise known as Mu, I am here to cure my shame with humility. What is humility? It is to be humble and graceful as opposed to arrogant and haughty. In this world, you will rarely find a person who is humble, being humble in a world filled with arrogance is difficult. But, if you can practice this trait, start here and you can become one of the few.

I will start

I am arrogant
I dislike people whom I have not met directly
I am not good with women
I do not get along well with people who are in cliques
I am not as intelligent as I would like to be
I procrastinate
I have a lot of hatred in my heart
I am weird, but I believe normalcy is taken to a great extreme that makes people and their lives boring to me.
I am not punctual
My grades could be better
I am emo
I do not talk about my issues as much as I should, this leads to complex issues that are better off buried.
I am a bit violent when things get physical
I am not that strong physically

Now you try.

If I were to pat you on the back, you would list it on your resume.

My words carry weight that would break a less interesting mans jaw.

Police often question me, just because they find me interesting.

My personality is so magnetic, I'm unable to carry credit cards.

If I were to give you directions

I'm also arrogant.
I get into fights easy.
This one time I was shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys
Who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said

I'm snarky as hell.
I cannot understand a thing my history teacher is saying.
I procrastinate on even the fun stuff.
I will bite your arm off if your hurt my friends.
I don't work well in teams.
And all I want is an internet BFF to talk to, so I desperately try to befriend as many people as I can.

I am arrogant
I live in a fantasy
I live 5-10 miles away from a town
I am Otaku (duh)
I get scared when I talk to people
I got little to no real life friends
I have dozens of online friends
Im elergict to cats and certain flowers
I am completely envious when it comes to my old friends
I find it hard to talk to girls (then again my school is filled with drama and fat people)
I have a great complection but have a solitary quiet personality around most people
I keep any and all pain to myself (cuts, stabs, harsh words, etc.)
I latch onto my friends

I'm almost arrogant
I don't study
I never speak what's in my mind
I manipulate people just for fun
I am almost always late
I tend to be silent just because I'm observing the people around me
I find observing people and their reactions entertaining
I always cause mischief, if I find the chance
I am a loner
I think that I don't need other people to live
I can adjust to any kind of person easily
I am a user-friendly person ._____.
And I like to wew~

Also arrogant
Annoy people for fun
I consider myself pretty awesome. Which annoys some people
I talk a lot until words sound weird. Like awesome.
I probably come off a little too hyper for most people
I like perverted jokes a little too much

Porn Addict
Curse in every other sentence
Short-Tempered when it comes to family but for some reason patient when it comes to friends.
Don't make friends easily
When I finish a video game/anime I get sucked into it and usually join a forum or buying related items then getting over it after a few weeks
I procrastinate A LOT
Horrible when it comes to sports

I am too awesome for my own god damn good.

I'm clingy
I hate a lot of people
I don't think it's wrong to hate someone you don't know
I have trouble letting spiteful feelings go.
I'm standoffish and rude to even my friends and family.
I never say what's wrong even if people beg me to
I get depressed and hate myself over a buildup of small-ish things
When I'm not depressed and hating myself I'm vain and love myself.
I'm easy to anger
I skip school often because I don't want to deal with human contact
I'll have a sharper tongue than I usually really mean, because I like to see people upset.
I know exactly what I do and don't want, but I always dance around saying even simple things like what I want to eat.
Despite being harsh and bitter I'm self sacrificing for no reason.
I procrastinate, to the point of it actually screwing over my life.
I'm quick to understand others viewpoints and why, but I often shrug that off and do what I want to.
Physically fighting someone makes me giddy
I've lied about some things for so long I can actually forget that it was a lie.
I'm very fake outwardly
I change drastically in personality depending on who's around me
I have a breakdown if someone asks me something I can't answer
I get nauseous thinking about even good memories from the past, I fall to easily into thinking of the bad.

I feel better writing that in a way, and worse.
There's so much more that should be in that list....

I'm fucking awesome, and cannot help it. I don't know how to stop being so amazing, and it hurts me so much.

- I am probably the most jealous person you'll every meet. I want to lock my best friend in a room so no one can even look at her.
- Prideful
- I'm very lazy to the point where I'd rather play games at home that spend energy to drive to a social gathering.
- I like people counting on me so I go out of my way to help them so they feel guilty, owe me and so I can feel important.
- I have Genophobia (I see this as a weakness) and because of that I don't let people close to me.
- I trust people to easily (There is a difference)
- I hate slow people (not the mentally disabled)
- I rush from A to B.
- I'm a perfectionist and everything needs to be 90degrees to the table's edge.
- My food is not allowed to touch.
- I'll carry a grudge to my grave.
- I never forgive even if I say I did.
- I scare people with my morbid fascination.
- I have a sharp tongue.

The thing is, I know my shortcomings and because I know, I'm able to hide the bad things and to control myself when provoked; to see that girl isn't flirting with my boyfriend but is just asking directions.

@Fieyr Be my personal tour guide
- When it comes to travelling I get lost easily
- I

@acostoss I feel you bro, i feel ya.

@Jin_sama @acostoss

I can't say I'm not.

The coolest tsundere you'll ever meet.

I like bug butts and I cannot lie.

i am who i am :P

I applaud your perfection.

  • I'm a sophomore taking AP and IB courses
  • I have achieved some provincial medal for piano or whatnot
  • I'm mostly at the top of all my classes with an exception to PE
  • I always win my fucking arguments, even with my parents

.... Wait what? I'm saying the wrong things?
Psh, these are my humility confessions in life. What do you mean I'm saying the wrong things?

Translation: I'm too fucking awesome for you

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