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Humility confessions thread (Thread) - Page 2

Im shy irl
Online, i act flirty ~.~ i dont like being like that
Meet me irl and ill freak due to shyness
Im emo
I cant trust ppl when saying that they're my friend
I have a temper at times
I like to fight sometimes
Im an Otaku
I play the guitar and im a skateboarder
Im tsundere
I hate making enimes
I judge ppl, i know..its a bad habit
I dislike trolls
and other stuff

I'm Marvelous.
I'm motherfucking Marvelous.
I'm motherfucking Marvelous desu.
I'm motherfucking Marvelous desu nya.
I'm motherfucking Marvelous desu kawaii pirate shit nya.

You should see what i put when i'm NOT showing humility. EDIT: Bitches can't match my marvelous-ness

I am the motherfucking president
I don't generally want to be the president
But i fucking am.

Sometimes i wonder why the world is so cruel and has made me its president.
But since i'm the president, the answer comes to me almost instantly from my many sources of presidency.

But even my sources fail me some times.
And sometimes i can't help but wonder...

  • I get jealous because my best friend is supposed to be my best friend
  • I like trolling people
  • I want to be everyone's friend
  • I am weeaboo
  • I curse more than a drunken sailor
  • I LOVE ALL OF YOU for no apparent reason
  • I'm unwanted ;o;
  • I don't listen to people
  • I am a hypocrite
  • I like escaping into something other than reality
  • I'm arrogant
  • I'm untalented
  • I procrastinate
  • I'm an attentionwhore

I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember :D

I'm often hypocritical
I disguise my lack of self-esteem as humbleness
I enjoy feeling sad, and will remind myself of the bad times for the sake of temporarily depressing myself in private.
I feel bad if I use "I" too many times, because I feel disproportionately narcissistic.
I still hold on to regrets from year ago, because they keep me tethered and focused on the road ahead of me.
I have difficulty motivating myself, and must have hardship to keep going. A lack of conflict bores me to the point of bed-ridden depression.

  • I am Silent, mostly avoid's talking.
  • Never speaks my mind.
  • Only spouts out what people want to hear.
  • I fear people.
  • Ignorance is probably my biggest problem
  • I am too simple, probably less human like.
  • Acting happy only for other people.
  • Giving up too easily.
  • I gave up loving/dating.
  • I dislike talking.
  • Resist affections.
  • Dislike for my own kind.
  • Envy to be a better artist.
  • Lust to be a better person.
  • Everything is to late; For me, my biggest regrets bring me to my knees. Therefore remembering them makes me cry.
  • A tangency to blame myself for everything that happens.
  • Wishes to be someone else.
  • I am selfish, trapped inside my bubble.
  • I cannot trust anyone; my doubts always kill my friendships.
  • The only thing keeping me alive, is a promise.
  • I am not strong mentally nor physically.
  • Regret is the biggest thing I shudder over.
  • Feeling useless/replaced most of the time.
  • Refuses support even when I wish it.
  • I always say I am al-right when I truly am not.
  • I am hollow, a mess, I dislike myself for who I am.
  • Nothing matters to me.
  • Treating myself ill. (Ill treatment; neglecting attention, food, sleep, etc.
  • I am not at all violent, I cannot protect my friends when needed.
  • Despite being silent, my friends are my biggest thing. Meaning I get used quite easily.

lol this seems like fun XD
ok shit. ummmmmm....
Its PigBoss here and i really dont know what to write about rite now


-procrastination is key to more satisfying work because if i work ahead of time (precrastinate), the product is just enough to get an A, but I'd rather settle with a work with less time and more effort and ultimately more pleasure. this really says i like to slack off sometimes and i do well under pressure mmmk?.

-i am vain but it just seems to pass like a phase because i know if i buy the thing now, id be inclined to buy something better later, and the stuff i bought really wont do any good so why bother? then i weave from being materialistic to pessimistic to philosophical terms i have yet to read about that encompasses my internal personality.

-i really dont fucking care for anyone or anything (it means i really do care for all of you...not in a creeper way. shhhhh thats a secret!)

-i achieve greatness when i dont want the attention nor the pride. but when i fail, it sinks me into the deepest despair then later i rise back up into glory; a phoenix.

-i find observing people to be the most enjoyable activity when im just tired, lazy, or hungry. People give me a reason to stay longer on earth because i admire their passion, courage, deceit, and even vengeance. Hey, the world is indeed a mighty long play and there is nobody who really is the main protagonist.
also i would like to write a long book someday that will probably never get published, but its for my enjoyment anyway so why not?

-i have created multiple worlds in my head, each world special in its laws of everything from physics to economy. also there are branching universes. The time i spend in reality is just one of the worlds that i am in, albeit the most important one. wish i could lucid dream.....meh

-i inherit multiple personalities, and by that trait alone, i can feel someone else's pain, and could either help the person or capitalize on the respective positions.

-i can tolerate a lot of things. twilight... no, just no

-i eat a lot frankly, but i have an unusually high metabolism because i just use tons of energy all the time physically and mentally. its a bummer because im starving usually 10 hours a day.

-being smart wont get you anywhere in the world. its all about using the interconnecting societal network to achieve one's selfish desires. that being said, i can be very selfish, but i really dont feel like it is morally right to mooch off anybody else. therefore i really am sometimes...irrationally headstrong and independent-minded.

-i LOVE experimenting new martial arts moves on others and frequently practice stretching and building my skills. i love moving from place to place. i am a nomad and i really like to travel, but i really dont have the money to and am spiteful...

-even if i entrust my brain to think, my heart sometimes has more of a presence in guiding my choices.

-hate sticking or committing my life to anything because i know what it means to betray and be betrayed. every move i make is either unimportant so that it does not affect me at all, or precisely measured decision which means it is most imperative.

-i used to be really happy. but then i entered the adult world a little too early and i am both thankful and saddened by it. now im really a realist who makes fun of the current state of humankind in a darkly comically way and at the same time, looking for who the next hero of our generation is, only to find that he who seeks must become what is void... i guess our generation has to clean up the shit the last generation left behind...

-ill forgive anyone. but ill never see them the same way, and ill never see them again.

-ill forever be affected by death. i am uncomfortable of the unknown but i can embrace the uncomfortable feeling because that is usually how i feel. it is important to be always alert. being fat, happy, and lazy is failure.

-i have the power to destroy but just enough restraint and emotional fortitude to shrug it off. later, the rage just releases when im alone, and i either create beautifully a work of art or uproot havoc's worst tempest.

ummm i probably have tonz more to say, but i really dont feel like writing like 1:50 am in the morning so imma cut short here and study for all the tests im going to take, k thx bye

/// Love Manipulation gullible Humans Hahahahahahaha///

-I am shy beyond reason.
-I am jealous of anyone taller than me.
-I act like I don't care about others when I know I do.
-I am nicer towards my friends than my family.
-I despise my brother-in-law for no reason.
-I hold grudges for months.
-I hate being alone but I don't like being in crowds either.
-I let people use me and not say anything about it.
-I talk about people behind their backs.
-I am sometimes arrogant.
-I steal things from others.
-I toy with my guy friends' emotions.
-I give people wrong answers for tests.
-I hate overly popular students.
-I hate people constantly telling me what to do.

My Charm levels have exceeded beyond my zone of comfort.

don't study
high strung
a paradox
manipulate people to achieve my ends...or just to entertain myself
easily bored
easily obsessed with things

that's all I can come up with for now...

I dislike threads like this. How humiliating,

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