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More Japanese Go Unmarried (Thread)

BBC article here.

What do you suppose is the reason behind this new social phenomenon?

Maybe we're just so badass that we think that we're too badass for one another. No but seriously, I'm Japanese, male, 18 going on 19, YET I'M STILL SINGLE, LET ALONE MARRIED... AND I'M NOT EVEN FUCKING LIVING IN JAPAN ANYMORE.

Disproportionate relationship statuses seem to be all the rage in Asia.

Its the massive amounts of dildo's and onnaholes. Why try and get a girl/boy to have sex with you when can masturbate to someone who's hotter, won't judge you for your penis/vagina or how bad you are in bed, and STILL feel the effects of a vagina/penis?

This is the reason i believe. THE MARVELOUS ONE HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!

..... It must be what @Usui said.

No, it's because Japanese people are kinda awkward and somewhat delusional.

I mean seriously, from the article

Some cited a shortage of money, others a belief that it is impossible to find a good partner once they had passed the age of 25.

Really? Most people actually got the right partner at that age! Just ask my dad who got a highschooler while he was already over 25! Which means it's awfully possible to get a KAWAII partner when you're above 25. Also, money? My dad and her are of a different social status!

Unfortunately, the Japanese don't think so and a 27 year old would frown at the 17 year old highschooler instead of asking them out which would further condemn them to a life of loneliness. I think the abundance of technology really kills social interaction for the Japanese as well as their KAWAII and bishie culture.

This of course from the guy who's only been to Japan once so feel free to refute!

Also, I heard the mister and missus relationship in Japan is quite unusual with the dudes working their asses off only to surrender their loot to their chicks and they would only give them tiny allowance to compensate for it while the rest goes to the household trust fund. This and coupled with everything is 10x more expensive in Japan might contribute for their lack of tying the knot. This however, doesn't explain their lack of sex and bastards spawns.

I think we should just show them Panda porn :p

Saying this, I went to a club in Osaka and a 38-year-old didn't seem to have a problem with the attention of a (well, drunk!) 19 year old :P But seriously, I think that life tends to be busy in Japan and I could see why people wouldn't want to bother with all the time drains/ bad points of relationships while trying to lead their life.

mmm ok. 100 years ago, ppl have 4 kids.
each kid is insurance to a better life after working out in the fields all day.

Now there be too many ppl=more competition. Less kids are financially better in families.

no kids--> no obligation to spend X amount of money on others.
also wut @Usui said i guess

Not being married might have more advantages
Just thinking

i really think @usui is on to something there. i mean, seriously. look at the japanese culture. there's too much fapping material to be had, to just turn all that down and commit to a relationship. as for those who are more interested in the romantic aspects of a relationship, they probably have their expectations way too high to even be realistic. think about modern culture. everything is a fairytale love story, but the truth is life isn't like that. when people expect too much and get disappointed, they would much rather read romance novels than be let down again.

dude fucking love japenese chicks i'm going to marrie a japenese chick i'm willing to go to japan just to make that happen, i really would like it if she would come to the us with me. Plus japan is great (^_^)

@eterno Sorry to ask but .. your dad is over 25 as I see and he go a HIGHSCHOOLER? Okay seriously? o.o

@evii-chii oops, tenses mistake. I meant he got a highschooler when he was 25

I heard that though it's uncommon for Japanese to marry foreigners, it's apparently more common that I thought for Japanese men to marry foreign women!

@Kubinashi-Rider Apparently scoring a foreigner does have a bit more prestige for the Japanese.

I was told by my friend who studied in Japan that if I go to Japan, girls would be all over me because of my tanned skin. I tried to refute it by saying that my skin is very light by our standards but then he said that it's dark by Japanese standards and he told me that he had ALWAYS had a Japanese Girl taking the seat next to him while there are other open seats.

While that may sound somewhat arrogant, the point is that people are generally more attracted to people with totally different phenotype than themselves. Unfortunately for the Japanese, they are a homogeneous society which means that everyone sorta looks the same which means they're not attractive by their own standards. I think this applies to Korea too although Korea is becoming more and more diverse while the Japanese remains isolated.

This also explains why there are so many Japanese couple who originates from different parts of the country. Of course now, their descendant are becoming more closely resembling each other again and everyone thinks everyone is ugly again while we, foreigners are becoming more and more attracted to the Japanese because of the new mixes.

tl;dr Japan needs more aliens

@eterno The girls here are literally all over the gaijin boys. Apparently a fair few of them are only attending university to score gaijin husbands. Interesting info about the phenotype thing- didn't even think about genetics when it came to this whole matter!

I will gladly marry a Japanese man.
Gladly. /shot

@Kubinashi-Rider Phenotype does not equal genotype. They're traits that you can see with your eyes. So, even if you are related you might not have the same phenotype as your siblings.

The Japanese however, are too conformist for their own good and everyone sorta looks the same. I mean, I can tell White Americans apart (they're mostly Germans, Irish, and Anglo-Saxon) but telling the Japanese apart is bloody hard. (Though telling them apart from other Asians is easy).

@kosukechan I know just the guy!

@eterno I just wanted to point out that phenotype is what you can see, and genotype's are what you can't.

@eterno Completely and utterly not sexy enough for me.

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