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More Japanese Go Unmarried (Thread) - Page 3

I don't care if they're short! I'm only 5'0 anyway. :D

And eh, everyone likes something different. Attraction is highly subjective.
Just look at paraphiliacs.

You know, like this guy:

and this:

and this very obvious girl band:

@Momimochi .________.

You people and your traps.

That said, This thread is a really good example of thoughtful and funny discussion.

Son, I am not disappoint.

@Momimochi Omigod, traps! Sometimes I'm horrified of them! I have this Thailand girl, who is my friend, namme's Bamboo, and she changed (as in change change) her gender on Facebook to male. She's not trans AFAIK but she keeps avoiding my questions about her gender. Could she be... A trap?!

@kosukechan only most people like to make love with the dangling parts. Feets are kinda...

You know what? I think some people prefer phenotypes other than facial features. It's not wrong it's nature BUT I find it freaky. I don't mind them but sometimes, I have to wonder you know.

Well, yeah, some people's fetishes are just straight up gross, or worst case scenario- illegal.

Brains get wired differently though and sometimes people just end up liking the weirdest shit imaginable.

@kosukechan Unfortunately, sometimes my tastes are a bit illegal. Like, I'd like to sleep with a drunk under 21. Lol j/k


Well, hey. At least that's one reason why Japanese people go unmarried. I mean, think about it, in Japan, there are people who has horrendously amazing vocal ranges (Valshe, Piko, Sekihan, Senka, etc). If they decide to do trap (Sekihan, Piko), and use their voices, you'll never know if they're guys or girls. And it would be pretty funny if a guy marries another guy without knowing that the guy that he is marrying is indeed, a guy instead of a girl.

..... Are you by any chance stating the fact that Japanese people love their rape, monster girl, humiliation, molestation and NTR servings?

No. I'm speaking in generalities. There are people of every race/ethnicity with fucked up fetishes.

@Momimochi Funny? Yeah, sort of. Wait till you see hermaphrodites (or IRL futa). It's FUNNIER!

@kosukechan I just wish Ancient Greece or Roman morals would come back. I mean a society where a dude could write in a public place "My dick is tired of women and I'm fucking men now" is a pretty rad society. Not the homophobic Jesus and Mohammed land we have nowadays. I mean it's not about tolerating gays anymore, it's about a completely straight guy saying he's no longer straight, HOW COULD YOU BEAT THAT?

Hermaphrodite pictures scarred me. I blame my curiosity as a child.
And Ancient Greece/Roman apparently believed that women had inverted dicks, hence some men fucked with other men like bunnies instead.

I still blame Japan for making the fetishes. (I mean, monster girls? Really? Even though those mangaka do make them look really moe, but really?)

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