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Is An Automobile Considered a Time Machine? (Thread)

So, today in my theatre class, we were getting into deep conversation about life, ect. My teacher asked us, "Is an automobile a time machine?" He told us to think before we answered. After we answered he told us what his son said. After I heard that, I've been asking my friends around what they think.

So, now I want to hear what Colorless has to say.

"Do you think an automobile is a time machine?"

Remember, think before you answer.

Once you answer, tell me why you think that.

There's a new car coming out that promises it is. I have nothing on this question now but I'll think about it and come back.

Any means of transportation (including your legs) is a time machine in the sense that you can travel through time with it.

One name sums this question up: De Lorean.

No, not really, unless the automobile goes really fast. My definition of a time machine is something that goes at a different rate of time (ie to the future or the past) relative to everything around you. Unless the automobile is going really fast (relativity and all that happens, making you age slower thus everything else you see is in slow motion), a normal automobile is not a time machine.

OTT what you see when you go near the speed of light.

(I think its this video.)

One word/s sums this theory up: HYPERDRIVE!

Traveling through time is not hard at all, though not in a sense @Decae mentioned. You see, you don't even have to walk. Even if you sit back on your couch, you'll be rushing through time almost at the same rate as the guy driving an airplane above you.

In that sense, time travel is inevitable.

However, since daily differences in our time-traveling rates are so small, we don't really count them in. That's where what @OneDollar said jumps in. If you want to travel through time, you better be really fast because really, if you drop a toaster, it owns your ass in time-travel.

You are already travelling through time. Sure it's in one direction, and always at a certain pace, but it's still moving forward! You always go to the future!

Guys I'm actually a time traveler

Actually the pace changes slightly over the course of the year depending on the alignment of planets and our distance from the sun :)


How fast you travel through time depends on how fast you travel through space, really. (Please do not ask me for "why" and "how exactly", I can only give lame analogies and I have no idea how Minkowski spaces work.)

@Shirosuke What halcy-pyon said, it is not "always at a certain pace" :3

No... But ATM's are :)
They are called Tyme Machines ;)

My opinion... we ourselves are time machines in certain aspects. I say this mainly due to us being constantly aware of past, present, and sometimes future events. We can see the pyramids and know they were built and used in the past, in the present they are still standing and actively researched, and in the future they will most likely still stand. Within mere seconds we live to see our past, live in our present, and prepare for our future. Fascinating, just fascinating. is in a general sense. As in, the sense that I could say that I am a time traveler, as I travel forward in time by one second every second.

To get really deep into, the answer would probably depend on how one would view the concept of time. Actually, tbh, it really has more with the automobile affecting motion than time. so I wouldn't call it a time machine, merely a way of changing your displacement in a different amount of time.

But yes, I do see how this can get very deep, as I've dwelled on it myself when I was younger.

If it can count time.
It's a time machine
Cause it can keep track of time
The gas in the car can show how much "time" has been put into it.

@Supacool1235: Your rate of traveling through time is not absolute, so you can't say that you travel through time by one second every second. To someone going at the speed of light, you seem to be traveling 2, 3, 20 seconds every second. To someone standing in a lower gravity potential(such as the astronauts), you seem a bit slower. Relativity is... a bit more relative than that.

What @TokoyamiSenshi (epic scientist) said.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity, in that, simply put, all time is relative. My time is not the same as your time, though they are very similar. One moving at a higher velocity will have a slower moving time than someone else moving at a lower velocity, though it is not noticeable at humanly measurable levels without the aid of other tools.

For more information, view this segment from the Open University:
(applicable part starts at 4:21)

John Titor!!!

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