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Is An Automobile Considered a Time Machine? (Thread) - Page 2

I see no reason to describe a car as a time machine, because the difference in time you would experience traveling in a car is so minor, there is no point in considering it a time machine.

Now, what I imagine your teacher is mentioning is an old time-space thought question. Can you have time without space? If you are traveling at 60mph and you need to travel 60m, you can expect to get there in one hour. If you need to travel an infinite distance, the time is infinite. If you travel no distance, it takes no time to get there. However, we use time to measure things as they travel a distance through time. Rather than thinking of 3 seconds as a duration, think of it as a location in space we cannot see. Similar to how a movie is a reel of pictures, imagine each moment in time laid out on a movie reel.

Now this may seem a little jumbled at the moment, and my less-efficient grammatical abilities may be confusing but bear with me. If you measure time as a fourth dimension, traveling faster to another location via car of plane will allow you to arrive at an earlier point in time than you would by some other means of travel. When you explain it this way, you could easily see a car as being a time machine.

However, that only works if you consider time relative to the location. It's not that an hour comes earlier or later, you move through time at a mostly constant speed. Traveling in a car will reduce that speed incredibly slightly (less change than we can perceive.) and thus, cannot be considered a time machine.

However, I'm basing this idea on a similar question a teacher gave me. It's entirely possible your teacher was aiming for something else.

yeah i agree

well, my time machine looks nothing like a car soooo.... no?

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