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Tips for artists to overcome artblock (Thread)

in all seriousness, what do you guys do to overcome art block ?

Artblock happens mainly because of three things:

  • Acedia/Depression
  • Lack of creativity
  • Laziness or some other bullshit reason

Take drawing like a chore. Draw studies, improve technical aspects, and look at it like a challenge - draw from life something that looks complicated. Bulk up in work. If you ran out of ideas to write then you have to get creative. And that's where all advice falls short.

get high... that's how the greatest artists did it.

Since I don't do drugs, I need advice on this as well.

im 16 so i cant say much
but if you dont want to get drunk and or high, just use these...

method 1
-get a spinning chair, desk, paper,blindfold(optional),and a pencil
-spinn in the chair like crazy in one direction (with blinfold on: optional)
-stop facing the desk
-feel tha paper
-draw what you envision
-might surprise you might not

method 2
-draw every day (i try to draw or sketch at least 5 things0

method 3
-draw peoples request

method 4 (longest one EVER0
-stay up for around 2 days
-draw 2-3 hours before ya sleep
-go to sleep
-find yourself naked in your room with the window wide open with a complete drawing you might not remember.(it happens)

method 5
-listen to things that make you cry or horny while drawing.
thats all i do when i cant figure out something

Songs with crappy drawn PVs but a lovely tune.
No, seriously, I know that I lose the motivation to draw if I see a piece of art that's way too Godly for it's own good.

Inspiration. Get your friend to strip for you or something.
Even better, draw yourself naked. Yes. It always works.

Go outside and scan your surroundings for people with.... Interesting fashion or hairstyles.

the main simplest way for me to get out of artblock is something i have no real control over.
my mind clicks and i suddenly know things and can draw better

No emo, but sometimes I make myself sad on purpose so I get that motivation to start swiping away at my pencil on paper. It's a great way to transfer any emotion you got into art.

Inspiration to me is everywhere. Music, movies, art, pictures, daily life, music, books, food, pretty much anything that gets me thinking. My most favorite way is walking down the street where I live and staring at the beautiful trees that sway and swoosh against the wind.

Listen to music, watch movies, watch anime, play video games, whatever.
Just do other things that you enjoy. It'll come to you.

Well, that's how it is with me, anyway.

I like to read books, or take a break from thinking by doing something I enjoy besides drawing.

I also like doodling my ideas out on anything. Back of receipt, notebook, hand, etc. This way, I am open to inspiration no matter where I am.

let yourself be inspired by sogs! always helps for me.

Well, since artblock is really just a phase, it takes whatever amount of time to get out of it, in my opinion. Art is just one of those things you have to be in the mood to do and should not be forced upon yourself. So just...if you have artist's block, just freaking wait it out and keep your mind of art for a while. Do other stuff that catches your interests. Do some stuff OUTSIDE of the box that doesn't include paper/canvases/art things.

OR you can do what I do:
1. draw something
2. say you hate it
3. proceed to whine "art is hard why do i do it nothing looks good this is poopy life sucks"
5. ????
6. No profit. just repeat, no rinsing

I just keep drawing even though everything turns out like crap and then I watch a bunch of anime and read stuff and look at pictures and pretty soon I can draw well again

Creativity comes when I'm having fun. So just have fun or something.

So uhhh, I just remembered this awesome thing I like to do when I have artblocks. Draw your favourite characters from your mind or using a reference drawing-- draw them in funny and awkward poses.

OR you can do what I do:
1. draw something
2. say you hate it
3. proceed to whine "art is hard why do i do it nothing looks good this is poopy life sucks"
5. ????
6. No profit. just repeat, no rinsing

Careful not to cut your ear coz you're showing Van Gogh syndrome

Also, I heard that Michelangelo created all his nude male statues and drawings because he couldn't express his homosexuality. So... If you have some specific fetishes or just something to hide I guess you can express it into your art.


Actually, I have a confession to make.

I did have an art block at the end of September. Then I went a little crazy. I refused to eat, tore up my room and pretty much shut out contact with the outside world. But then, when I was almost at the brink of desperation (wasn't really having suicidal thoughts but more of a grabbing people by the neck and scream to their ears kinda desperation) But I kept drawing and drawing malformed mannequins until I finally gave up and threw the goddamn sketchbook away.

What followed was me doing all the negative things mentioned above sans drawing. As the days went by I went calmer and calmer until I realized what a shithole my room was. I cleaned up my room and then I suddenly felt sorta accomplished, sorta like I can do anything in the world kinda feeling.

Few days later, I started to feel more and more accomplished as I started to return to my daily habits. I started to eat correctly once again, I started to greet the cashiers (not a habit but...), I sew my room together and everything was swell again. But what about the art block?

Well, it wasn't exactly poof gone but when I started to relax, I started to get the urge to draw, so I picked up a pencil and BAM! Malformed Mannequin... but this time, I pressed forward and oh hey, look! the eyes! the mouth! It's a freaking zombie! Let's throw this garbage away and start to draw the zombie properly this time!

Then I did drew the "zombie" which was a malformed zombie and I shredded that drawing too. But after all that, I really thought that I could fucking draw anything (which I still can't) and I started to draw and draw again, leaving behind clutters of bad drawing all over my room.

Don't get me wrong, I think I still have the block but now I'm a happier person and I'm starting to experiment on a new form of art: writing long posts on an internet messageboard <<That's the idea! Art isn't just about drawing! Ding ding ding, we have a winnar!

Thanks CL for letting me use your boards for my weird thought processes <3

Listen to some music, read a book, watch a show, talk to friends, you'll get ideas from those things. Or just draw some fanart!

I would say first of all: take a break, there is no use trying to force out a piece of work.
As far as getting more creative I would say look at picture, go on tumblr, or hell go look at some classic art. It's a great way to get ideas(and I don't mean to say copy work).
Now,as an artist, I find that my most creative moments are random so just doodle as you please or have a sketch book around just in case you are attacked by a genius idea.
And know this, I know that feel bro

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