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Musicians (Thread)

Welcome Musicians, or other people interested in the thread.

I've created this thread for multiple reasons:

  1. All the threads for musicians are over a year old.

  2. I would like to produce, and encourage others to produce music. Anything from covers, to something original.

  3. Have a place for musicians to find references and learn, so I would ask people to share any websites, videos, or personal knowledge about music. I will make an archive of websites and videos of those that are posted.

  4. Collaborations are something I'm interested in, and would like to hear. Also willing to make an archive of people who want to make a collaboration within the CL, and what they're interested in musically.

Since I created this thread I'll be the first to apply myself. As a Bass Guitarist, I actively seek knowledge and people to play with to strengthen my ability. I'm interested in any genre, since I want to be able to produce many different sounds. I do prefer rock, punk rock, and some classic rock. Recently been more into RHCP, and have been learning their songs.

I've never done a collaboration, but I would like to try one. I also have something for Bass Guitarists.
This video has two parts and helped me when I learned to play the blues on the bass.

So please, bring whatever knowledge and references you have, what you like to play, and what your looking to play. Hopefully we can get some projects going, and have multiple CL songs.


Learn Tab/Good Tab Website

Bass Guitar:
Free Beginner Bass Lessons



Bass Guitar:



Dan Bau:













Singers: Your diaphragms. Use it. I know for a fact that many people out there just stretch their vocal chords into oblivion, making the voice sound strained as hell.

Pianists: Don't forcibly bang on the piano for loudness, don't play the chorus (ABAB, ABBA, ABACA) with the exact same touch each time through; make it interesting.

When playing a chord, don't play all three/four/five notes with the same strength. Normally we emphasis the HIGHEST note. (Add more pressure on your pinky rather than all the other fingers).

Since I self taught myself guitar, I can only say it takes time, patience and a lot of practice. Don't try to rush things, you'll only pull a muscle. (first-hand experience. Lovely feeling that was, for the week.)

I love you for making this thread, Okay on to the topic - I play guitar, self taught, If you also want to play guitar, make sure you have fun with it. Learn basic songs to start. The only few books I had to help at the start was a into to guitar showing basic guitar songs and a intro to lead guitar, teaching how to use hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, tapping and all that lead stuff.

I'll edit this post with some songs that will help you learn.

I use for tabs (Guitar and bass.. I think drum tabs too): Really great site
To learn how to read tabs.

I've just started playing banjo and drums. I can only play simple stuff on both right now.

ALSO! Thanks again for making this thread.

I play rock/hard-rock/punk/Anything Metal.. well, Any genre lol! I'm interested in doing a cl project, making some cl songs or whatever, I'm a rhythm guitarist, not lead though.

Though the glass by Stone Sour Such bad mic, Found a new mic though! Dark bodies by Fearfactory in E Standard YEEEY 8D

I know there are more musicians in cl, show your faces ;-;

Pianist: Try not pressing down flatly when you lifting your fingers/ Lift the finger in a curved fashion likewise to typing except "lift". By practicing like this you will accumulate muscles in your fingers giving strength to your Arpeggio, trills, and other classical music notions that require dexterity. This also helps with accuracy as a flatter position of the fingers causes accidental pushing of unnecessary keys.

When required to play consecutive octaves a small trick like gripping the sides of the keys with your pinky and thumb will help. Not too hard as most likely you're playing a scale some kind, it'll be like a half second of pinching instead.

Staccatos should be played with a whiplash movement with the finger that is about press the key slightly extended. Obviously this is a baws move and you will have to switch finger positions quickly. BAWS MOVE.

Oh, yeah, right, because I saw Lum mentioning the playing of unnecessary keys by accident:
If you have small hands (Like me. I can only go an octave and one note, if I really, really, stretch out my hands to like, 160-170 degrees. (and it's still bare minimum.) Yeah. It hurts), don't hesitate to tell your teacher that you're having difficulties reaching the notes. They'll just probably tell you to play either the highest note in that chord or the lowest note in the chord (Mostly the highest note, but it really depends on "who's" doing the melody.)

And surprisingly enough, learning theory actually helps. It really does seem really useless when you're learning it, but after learning it, you would basically unconsciously apply some things you learned when you're playing the piano. And it really does make counting and keeping your rhythm steady.

Also, while doing that swipe thing (to this day, after ten years of piano playing [8, if you don't count the years after I quit], I still have no idea what it's called. Crescendo swipe? I don't know.) don't drag your hand across like a rag-- NO. Use the thumb to press down the keys, or just simply drag your thumb across the keys while you hold it in a loose-fist. It's the least painful way, imho.


other classical music notions that require dexterity.

This is one reason why I quit piano. Not that I'm not good at it, but in baroque and (some) fugue music, it's way too frequently used. I feel bad about quitting now that I think about it. After getting past two levels of ARCT, I realized how much I hated playing assigned music.

@Momimochi- I have really small hands as well, I could barely reach an octave at first, it took years of "stretching" gruesome business I tell ya' you should know it as well.
Hanon was a great exercise book for stretching out the skin in between your fingers. In the winter the skin between my fingers would get pretty chapped...especially between my thumb and pointer finger...that would bleed sometimes.

Yeah for swiping use the side of your thumb~ =w= But I've never really done that,

Err Music Theory...I passed Level 8 from supposedly I can teach elementary piano >.> dunno, I might suck lol.

I had a classical upbringing and even singing wise.
My choir teacher didn't let me join stupid "advanced" choir because I didn't have too much of a "bright warm poppy voice" FUCK YOU I SING CLASSICAL MUSIC ALL DAY EVERYDAY BITCH, FEEL MY VIBRATO WHEN I SING CARMEN BITCH.

I quit though about...3 years ago because I had to take tutoring lessons because my parents were stupid Asians and what not...

I feel you, man. I still unconsciously do stretching exercises and force my hand to spread.

Our cirriculum's ridiculous. So you pass level 10. Guess what, you need to take another two piano exams to get a performing license and an additional three if you want the teaching license.

..... All I remember was that my mom threw a shit storm when I said I wanted to quit.

Cello players...if you are a girl never wear a dress when preforming or have your cello to one side and play. Always remember to keep your fingers in the correct place because it changes the sound also, make sure the strings don't wear out, it makes the cello sound very squeaky. ^^ Just the basics

@Momimochi- shudder Asian mothers, OTL.
But that's okay, even if we quit...we MAGICALLY practice. I hate it when I'm messing around on the piano now days and my mom is like "play slower."

I've forgotten how to play piano .____. Stopped at RCM level 9, might pick up again someday as a hobby or some sort.

Out of the instruments I've played, violin is the only thing I've stuck with, on and off. I quit lessons a while ago and I just practice for hours when I need to, for auditions and concerts and such. Through my interval practicing, I have somehow managed to make it into my school's symphony orchestra OTL. I enjoy playing violin and I can balance it in my schedule well. :>

When time for auditions come up again(around Jan), maybe I can TC a few excerpts.

(EDIT) Giving advice, riiiiiight.
Okay violin players.

Your left hand fingers should be placed very curvy-ly on the strings. Practice hitting the strings very hard so that you become accustomed to placing properly.

Vibrato problems?
-Place scroll of violin on wall and just practice shaking your first finger up and down. First finger, then other fingers. Most people vibrato using their hands only but I am more of an arm-person. It makes your sound broader too.

Shifting/playing fast problems?
-Practice. Err, and play the notes in different rhythms. It helps a lot.

That's all I can think of right now, I'll add on later.

..... My mom tells me to play classical music when I play mine as a hobby. She full well knows classical is the reason I quit.

I play recorder, triangle, piano, guitar, flute, trombone, dan bau (Vietnamese monochord), and sing. (also other percussion that don't need to be mentioned)
The piano, guitar, and dan bau all all self learnt and I no longer have access to my trombone, or triangle.
The one I have least experience with is the dan bau.

Recorder Players:
While playing for prolonged periods of time, when taking breaks be sure to at least drain your recorder. It's really nasty when spit drips out when you play -_-;

I play guitar (electric and acoustic), harmonica, piano, recorder, flute, clarinet, and soon I'll be playing the violin. 100% self taught excluding the flute which I played in middle school and high school for marching band. Oh and I also sing. :3

Clarinet players: NEVER and I repeat NEVER use chapstick as cork grease! xP My sister did and I had to replace all of the cork. It sucked and it cost more than it would have just to buy the cork grease in the first place. -_-' Oh and I know flavored reeds are awesome, but they are bad for your instrument.

I play the violin (been playing all of middle school and somewhat of high school when I have the free time) I'm happy you made this thread it's pretty cool. Quick question to all violinist what's the easiest way to learn vibrato? I've always wanted to learn how to, so I can play my notes in a song like super amazing! :D

Oh yeah, for all the clarinet players out there, don't blow (puff out your cheeks) on that instrument too hard or purse the lips too hard. It makes the notes sound flat and unpleasant. Also, always remember to relax your body when you play it because apparently the notes sound more smooth and natural (well, at least how I hear it when I try). And clean the instrument. I left my clarinet in the case ever since elementary, I decoded to take it out and clean it a few days ago. My cloth became green. Literally. And slimey.

I enjoy playing piano and singing for fun.

I have a YT channel where I upload my random videos.

Here are my 2 most viewed videos...

I'm always down for collaborations.

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