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Anime Talk (Thread)

I think that Inuyasha is one of the best animes that I have seen in a while.. and Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty good too:)
But these days if you ever notice anime isn't really the same.. I mean they have been coming out with good ones like Durara, but beside that they arn't as exciting anymore.. >.>

well ever tried watching mirai nikki? ^-^

young one, you will one day get pass the age of 13 and learn that "good anime" doesn't just consist of mainstream battle shounen.

Sure, whatever you say.
No. Seriously, what @Jin_sama said.
There are HUNDREDS of good anime out there that you've probably never watched or bothered to touch.

Hell Girl is always enjoyable :) yes it is repetitive but that isnt really avoidable and i could rewatch the series a 1000 times and still love it. maybe u just need a bigger view of the anime?

i'm sure everyone have a different genres of anime that they like ^^

So what we just talk about how anime is these days?

Pretty much what @Jin_sama said is true~

True there are a fair amount of "weak" anime these days but they aren't always bad. Some are actually pretty entertaining either because the have some kind of charm of how bad it is can be pretty amusing to watch :3
Like a few have already said there are many pretty awesome anime besides mainstream stuff.

In the end it really is all about preference but I'm actually enjoying quite a lot of recent anime~

.. beelzebub is one good new anime...


I feel personally insulted for some reason.
Look, not everything good is overly popular fighting shows.
Shows where 90% of the time all they do is talk, like Bakemonogatari, are good too.

that sentence was worded so horribly OTL

Adding onto what @TalTal19 said, hell, even shows with no plots are good. Like Gintama. And K-On!... ish (Actually, is there a plot for this?)
And the Gintama rip-off SketDance.

@Momimochi : SUKETO DAN!!!!! XD it was very funny
@MasaomiKidaIloveyou : maybe you should watch angel beats! if you watch till the end, i guess you'll cry.. :D

Wow.. I have never seen some of the animes you guys have mentiond.. I will have to try an watch them sometime.. and I have seem my fair share of anime as well.. and I guess your right not all new anime these days arn't all that bad to be honest..

@shafnat : I have seen Angel Beats.. That was a great anime.. exsept for the ending that made me cry.. >.>

@MasaomiKidaIloveyou : nah, now how about black rock shooter? ao no excorcist? Solty rei? Kami no mizu shiru sekai?

Why don't u try watching Bakuman or Gurren Lagann? They are pretty good!

@Shafnat : I have not seen them, I have to write a list of these animes.. they all sound like they have good stories to them =)
@cobra : If your talking about Bakugan I have seen that whole series lol..

Also can someone tell me if the anime The Black Buttler is a good anime before I start to watch it..

@MasaoimiKidaIliveyou : my cousin ever watch black butler, and she wants to watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!! so i think maybe it's good.

@shafnat : Wow.. That's crazy lol.. That's how I used to be when I watched Fullmetal Alchemist all the time.. I was obsessed with Edward Elric lol

@MasasomiKidallloveyou: No I don't mean Bakugan but Bakuman. I found it pretty interesting. I suggest you to watch Black Butler if you are either a girl or into dark stuffs like demons. Well I like it~

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