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have you ever cosplayed? (Thread)

*i looked through threads and didn't see one like this if there is one please direct me to it
Anyway, who did you cosplay as? i never have, but there is an anime convention that i'm going to in march ah super stoked for it i'm not really sure who i'm going to be yet

Looking through threads is nice, but don't forget the search bar!

We actually have several cosplay threads, but you're forgiven as most of them are locked.

I dressed as Rukia Kuchiki, Saya from blood+ i love Cosplay.

Never cosplay before but I would love to try if I get money and time~! But one of my friends loves cosplay a lot and she's going to cosplay in an anime event next month~!

To make this a better thread you should write more details and such.
Suggest who you would LIKE to cosplay as etc.

I've cosplayed as
-Makise Kurisu [recently]
-Kotoha [recently]
-Yu Kanda/Fem version
-Suzumiya Haruhi

ive cosplayed a number of times, as sebastian michaelis, joshua christophe, young walter dolneaz, L,xerxes break and accelerator. the next one im finishing is kariya matou. i woulld really like to do oswald from odin sphere once. but i don have much experience in makign armor.

I haven't but I've always wanted to. I've got everything I need for my Okabe Rintarou cosplay. :o

Yes I cosplayed as Sakura from naruto shippuden

yes i cosplayed as Cissnei from Final fantasy 7 Crisis Core

and some random Yuri cosplay too

Oh man, cosplays huh? I guess I can try chronologically listing them

*Sora - Kingdom Hearts 1 - I barely even call this a cosplay, it was just bad, I was 13 or 14 at the time
*Rena - Higurashi - First cosplay I officially sewed
*Agito/Akito - AirGear - so much swearing, so much gay, so little time
*Kaitou Sai/X - Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - This one I did a fair bit
*Tatara Kogasa - Touhou - I met my boyfriend because of this cosplay. Touhou chemistry at work there
*Izaya - DRRR - dear god did I troll my shizzy hard every day. I didn't even need the cosplay, we where jsut awful to eachother regardless.
*Izaya in shizzy's clothes - my ultimate trolling in action, I stole her cosplay for about a week and damn was she mad
* Rolling Girl - Miku PV - I'd count this as my most successful cosplay because I pulled it off quite well.
*I Was Dead - Miku PV - spontaneous, I sewed it in a day after I got the urge to make the dress.
*King of Bel - Devil Survivor - More spontaneousness. For wearing hot pink pants... I feel like such a badass man in them.
*Panda Hero (Luka version) - self designed - threw some stuff together for this and damn was it fun
Kimono Miku, Kimono Luka, Kimono Gumi - spontanious

Ugh then my planned cosplays are
Gumi - i have like 6 PV versions I want to make
Youmu - Touhou
Hibaya - DRRR coutnerpart
Psyche - DRRR coutnerpart
ep 18 outfit from main character of Shinki
Naoya - Devil Survivor (Whenever I man up and take on the task of painting that pattern on a haori
Len Kagamine - Last Hope outfit
Russian Rin Kagamine - PutinP series
Homura - Madoka Magica

And I've had a lot of others I wanted to do...

@Elegy dammn youve got so many and started so early, suddenly i feel pathethic OTL

hm gumi eh? ive always podnered wether i should do a vocaloid character or not, but if i woudl, it would prolly be either kaito or the male version gumi from the "coward mont blanc" PV.

id also like to cospaly Thanathos form persona 3, but i know tahts prety much impossible, i lack the money and skill to make somehtign like this, and even if, i woudltn know if it was even possible to make it due to the sheos and the coffins... how sad!

but well, yeah my official two next projects are kariya matou (its pretty much finished except for i need a sigle black contact lense still. it owuld be awesome if i had soem way to tame mosquito's XD but i know its impossibloe..) and oswald (i woudltn even know where to start there though; well i'd prolly make the armor out of Wonderflex i guess.)

Oh pfft, most of my cosplays are garbage, I only use about 4 or them now. I also usually wear one cosplay for a good long time if I made it, thought half the ones listed are closet cosplays.

Gumi is by far my favorite, in voice and in representations of her. plus she made me find Deco*27's music and for that I love her eternally

I'd like to see your cosplay of Gumo if you ever get around to it.

For armor cardboard can work. My friend made a Balmung of the azure sky in cardboard from cat litter boxes.
Cosplays don't need to be expensive if you're having fun. Rolling girl was my Izaya shirt that was like $5, a collared white dress shirt that's been kicking around for ages, a wig I bought a while ago because it was really pretty, and the skirt was a pink shirt that I grew out of.
didn't even use makeup for the bruises, it was done with washable markers from Dollarama. Somehow this turned out being my best cosplay ever, so it just goes to show being clingy to cash isn't that much of an issue.

@Elegy ah, okay well i guess its like that here too^^ but i didnt start as soon as you... ah i remember my first cosplay, joshua from chrono crusade. unfirtunately i cant use it anymore, you know back then i made the mistake of usign a really heavy and hard material for his horns, and i really got strong headaches from cospalying himfor long XDD well, i guess i was atcually lucky sicne thats pretty in-character for him. anyways, i accidentlally broke one of the horns some months ago... what ahppened to your first real cosplay?

hm true true, though ive been gettign into rin &len music more recently.


ah i dunno, i think carboard would look kinda cheap.. i read that Wonderflex shoudl work really well. apparently wodneflex is a type of plastic taht gets sold in thin plates and many cosplayers use it for armor and stuff; you cna heat ut up with a hairdryer and work it while its soft, then let it harden again and paint it.

i knwo what you mean; i once improvised an emiya shirou cospaly using an (i think originally meant for ichigo) wig i got for free, a piece of red cloth i bought and didnt sew anythign out of yet, and i made kanshou and byakuya out of wood and painted them (gavethem to my youngest cousin afterward)..
hah true^^ for my kariya cosplay, i bought a normal black hooie and sewed the two white stripes on it, re-styled my accelerator wig and got some false skin.. and false blood.. liek i said all i still need is a black contact lense (and maybe a lolisakura xD)

Well my first real one is a pretty snug fit now, a little too much but I could wear it if I really wanted to. Thing is though I improvised a pattern with a bunch of guessed. It turned out fine but way too big, when I tailored it to fit I didn't do it from the right spot.. so the seams are in weird places.

I was all for Rin and Len for quite a while so I've started to move away from them a bit.

Depends on how you use it. Corrugated is pretty trashy looking, but it's got good stability to it. Single layer cardboard such as that from cereal or chip boxes is very nice lookign and smooth, but gives way easily.
My solution?
Build a base of corrugated cardboard, if you need added stability use two layers and have them going opposite directions (I'm referring to the way the corrugations are)
Over top of that use a thin nice looking cardboard to even out the surface so you don't see the ugly corrugated stuff.
Finally, paint it with a coat of acrylic paint. I get mine from Dollerama, here it costs a dollar for two 118ml bottles. Sadly this is also somehow the best paint I have ever found, putting other more expensive paints to shame.
If you need to shine it up find a gloss to paint over the acrylic, that would be the most expensive part, though gloss isn't too expensive in small bits, and a little goes a long way.

I have two nice examples of smooth thin cardboard looking pretty good, but I need to hunt them down.

I dunno how much the stuff you where looking at costs per sheet, maybe if I where more into professional cosplay I would use it but cardboard has always come through for me

haha well but you still dotn tell who your first cospaly was? xD

ah, thanks for the advice, ill look into it^^ ill have to make the mask for my hei-cospaly before anyways(seriously i had totally forgotten about that one, even started wearign the coat casually...)

ah, id like to see them~

actually i dunno how much it costs either; i myself didnt use it yet^^

Hmm? My first was Sora and my official first was Rena.

From a friend's cosplay:
cardboard and hot gluegun details.

Same as above but also playing with layers sticking up of cardboard.
Watered down white school glue to add tissue paper over top of to cardboard to allow for painting over the glue details.

I can't seem to find my Izaya prop knife, but I can tell you I nearly got kicked out of a con since they thought it was real. It even flipped out because I used a twist tie to loop the blade into it's hold, plus shiny silver paint.

I'll have pictures of Devil Survivor's MC's headphones up in a minute or two, just gotta get a picture of them.

ah i see i see XD hm i guess i would liek to cospaly as rocxas or shadow sora once...

ah taht sure does look good^^ but i dunno if its neough for oswald...
ah do you knw how oswald looks like?

hm tahts too bad.. but yeah i know what you mean^^ still not as heavy as the axe that an ymir (a dwarf/loli from queens blade) cosplayer brought along.. i was seriosuly baffled at how she even transported taht thing, especially if shes taken the train or bus...

ah good~ ah girls have it easier with the cosplaying, sicne they can do male and female characters... for us men, cosplayign female characters is way more awkward (except for thos eobviosu male sailor moons, i guess they get a certain kick out of it?)

Paper mashe and cardboard can go very long ways, very very long ways.
Granted, they aren't as heavy duty as the stuff you were mentioning I'm assuming.

I'll say this now though I don't recommend taking that cosplay to a con, or at least have some cosplay or just normal clothes change. Full body armor is not fun to sit around in all day. Balmug wasn't even full armor and that was awful for my friend, they had fun and got a lot of compliments, but they had to take it off because they could barely sit down right.

I've seen some cosplayers go very long ways for their cosplays. I myself am a pack mule so carrying around heavy props isn't really an issue, just inconvenient since at a con you'd rather be running around having fun than dragging about a prop.

Not really in my opinion. My boyfriend cosplays females and I've sewn him a dress for a con once. (I'll be making him another cosplay soon too)
Sure it's a bit genetics, you've gotta have a nice face and body for it to look decent, but then again it's the same for girls as well. For males it's just how comfortable you feel going through with the cosplay.
Society's the only reason it seems harder for men to cosplay women.

@Elegy hm true true..
well in the end, ill walk aroudn on a con msot of the time anyways--and i couldnt sit down very well in my butlerclothes either, sure i could, but it would mess up the look and id always have to fix taht when standing up again.. but yeah, having a chnage of clothes is a give, you woudlnt wanna ride the bus or the train in taht kidn of outfit after all.
ive noticed there are some more odin sphere cosplayers, mainly gwendolyn#s and velvette's, ut i havent seen a single oswal.. (stranely i avent sen any mercedes' either though taht would entirely be possible..)

oh dotn remind me of rhat! i once went to acon for a weekend and had to sleep in a tent, i ha drented space for it but i was too late there and it wa salready closed so i had to spend the night with some others who didnt get tehre on time by walkign thre the town and sleepign soem horus t teh ,mmcdonalds.. an di had my whole luggage on my bacl ska all the time, it was really bad XD well at least i got to know some nice peoople and spend a nice time with a nel-cosplayer, which is initially the mainreson why i like nel, maybe even the mainreason why i keep wathcing bleach..

hm i didnt actually try cospalyign a female yet.. sicne im thin and all i tought about cospalying a trap once maybe though (jun)

Then just make sure it's at least comfortable for walking around in, a uncomfortable cosplay can really ruin a con for someone.

Sleeping? At a con? What is this nonsense you speak of?

I've had that happen, not this year but the summer before at a convention there was a Kida cosplayer and he was perfect for it. He was also pretty cool guy so I started liking Kida more after that.

If it's not something you've done you should at least give it a try. At a convention you're not gonna get called out for being a "weird crossdresser", if anything people will be complimenting you for actually being brave enough not to care.

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