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have you ever cosplayed? (Thread) - Page 2

@Elegy ofocurse, with the horns from my first cospaly i definately learned my lesson^^

well i wasnt 18 yet and the con was 18-only at the night because they were distributing the whole hentai-stuff at night

haha yep^^ ive met a pretty cool shizuo cosplayer a whiel ago too.

hmm i guess oyur right. okay, then its decided, ill be adding jun watarase to my cospalyprojects then.

Well.. that's lame. Cons should be open the whole time to everyone during the time they run for; just have a special area for the hentai and have it age checked or something. It's silly otherwise.
Actually at the cons here the hentai basically out the whole time but you need to have ID for them to pull it out from under the tables and sell it to you.

Good for you. Usually it's harder to convince people not to worry.

@Elegy well it was a HUGE con (around 18000 people) and they coudltn let the children (like the cute young link-cospalyer that walked aorunfd and got adored by everyone) so i guess they coudltn help it?
well the selllign of h-doujinshi and whatever was out at the day too obviously, just the hentai-themed events were at the night.

haha well i guess it was eay to convince me because ive been thinking abotu it /considering it before anyways XD

Still, section off one side of the con for it then? That's what I've seen most do. just have volunteers posted ta the doors checking ID.

Well good luck when you get around to it.

@Elegy well, im not the one doing the con so its no use telling ME^^ i dotn see why they coudltn do it taht way either; amybe it was because they had only one gamign room and two rooms to show anime (roosm liek in a cinemy), and would use them for normal anime/games at the day and for 18+ stuff durign the night. well, sicne im legal now i wotn have to worry abotu taht anymore anyways.

Yeah, oh well I guess they just do whatever they see fit.

@Elegy yup^^ well, at leats sicn ethey were usch a big con, they had made an agreement with the city and the tickets for the con also worked as tickets for all buses inside the city, that was pretty nice.

i went as kagome from inuyasha, but my outfit was from like 2 years ago!! it almost didn't fit me!! also my uniform was see i had to wear a tang top under neith!! that ruined it!!! also many people mistook me for someone from high school of the dead!! in the end i accepted it and just said i was from high school of the dead....the costume was pretty tight, so i would have made the same mistake if i were them....

I also went as abiru(the girl who is all bandaged up) in sayonara zetsubou sensei! that was ok....but then someone mistook me for saya from blood+... that happened because i bought a sword and was holding it like saya!!!!

I'm next going to cosplay as sunako from the wallflower....i know people are going to say i'm from the ring...but ohh well...that's what happens!!!

@Littlefootroserock ah everyone makes mistakes soemtimes^^ id like to see how your abiru cos went. im plannign to go as itoshiki nozomu too once i find a place to get a hakama for not too much money..

///I have cosplayed Black from Poke'mon Black and White cause i have the hair but i wanna do Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts when i get the stuff for it///

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