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Media (Thread)

Our Anthropology professor posed an interesting question and I wondered what The Colorless thought of it.

In the global mediascape, television viewers and Internet users are not only consumers of news and entertainment but are also exposed to soft power (influence and persuasion). Can you think of an example of soft power in your daily life?

At which point does such influence turn into propaganda or manipulation?

(My apologies for the lame title and its similarity to other threads. I searched and found a survey called "Has the media affected you?," but the focus of this thread is on the question of propoganda.)

Watch some documentaries on it and read some articles on it. You'll know how it's been affecting us.
I'm skeptical about it but it's actually really interesting... And the "All Seeing Eye" creeps me the fuck out.

In today's media the internet plays a huge role in this whole soft power thing. Althusser proposed a theory called Ideological State apparatuses or "ISA" which i believe is the state trying to constrain and/or manipulate subjects (usually shit they don't like, also i could be wrong about this kind of new to theorists)
this idea has become easier to put into practice due to the evolution of media so it is possible to see examples of this in media. for instance if we go back and look at the "wikileaks" controversy last year you can see examples of ISA. an example would be how the company's such as Paypal MasterCard & Visa stopped payments to Wikileaks because of supposed "legal issues".

this may or may not be relevant at all i'm not that great at "media" but the thread seemed interesting and i thought i would make a post! >:D

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