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Research Paper (Thread)

Hey can anyone give me any ideas on what to write for a research paper for my english class lol the topic is: How does technology affect education in a bad way?



Well... You're on the internet asking for others to help do your homework. That's a start.

Hahaha thats very true

How about technology is making the education system redundant? lol

people focus more on Cellphone etc rather then class

Ok thanks everyone those are some very good points

Instant access to information via search engines gives students less incentive to truly learn a topic since they know they can easily access it again if needed with just a few clicks. Because of this, students are gaining only a cursory knowledge of subjects, fed to them in a high level, outline-type format by websites that are often not peer reviewed for accuracy.

This means less information stored in the brain which (even worse) may or may not be accurate. This becomes a problem since the brain needs as much accurate knowledge about a subject as possible for the kind of complex thought processes that result in new theories/perspectives regarding said topic.

In short, technology, in the form of search engines, is creating a generation of people with exceedingly short-term memory and, as a result, is destroying our ability to even entertain the idea of having a complex thought.

However, the educational system often plays the role of accomplice due to the
-study once...test once- model of most classes and therefore should be given an equal if not greater share of blame since this very model is what incentivizes this behavior of only acquiring the bare minimum of knowledge in order to jump through the metaphorical hoop that is our current educational system.

How about how technology is wearing down grammar and social interaction, or that we are relying on computers to answer everything for us, or that we are no longer writing things down on paper, instead we type them on our computers (at least in my class). My handwriting has gotten worse due to the fact that I am always typing. And don't forget about TV. Students stay up late because they spend a lot of time in front of TV's and their computers. Assignments are neglected because there is so much anime to watch. The things you watch can also make you stupid. You lose IQ just watching Jersey Shore. Disney is guilty of this too. They shouldn't teach kids that there is always a prince charming waiting for them. That stuff isn't real. Hmmmm. What else... oh yeah, Skyrim. The technology drug. Before you even begin fighting that first dragon you are already repeating 8th grade.

Or how about just putting all the ways you used to look for information for the essay instead of thinking about it yourself. That, however is quite legit in today's education, as they're not really into all that thinking stuff.

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