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Surname, or name bank in general (Thread)

I believe this happens to everybody, you design a character, give him/her personality, you even doodle the character, but you just can't seem to find a suitable name, especially his/her family name.

I live in a culture where surnames is not even a thing so fellow colorless, please share surnames and common names of your culture here so everyone will finally be able to name their Kamchatkan character and not name every German character von Bismark. If possible, include the meaning or if it's von or de something, include the place name meaning if exists.

Fictional names are also welcomed, just state that it's fictional so a Xyorencid wouldn't be listed as Latin.

Lastly, if you give out a name that seems rare, pertaining to a certain class, or just seem weird, please mention it too. After all, you people might not want to name your kickass, wealthy, Indonesian warrior, Samidjan now, don't you?

The format is:

Culture/Country of Origin

Name (gender, original spelling (pronunciation), first/last/nick/others, common/uncommon/ancient/famous person/low-class, etc., place name (you don't have to write it down if it's not a place name)) meaning

Here's an example:


Tanaka (M/F, ??(TAW-nuh-kuh), last name, common) middle of the rice field

I hope this is going to help everyone :)

I'll start with some Indonesian names off the top of my head.


Adisti (F, Ah-dis-tee, n/a, common) Unknown
Aditya (M, ah-DIT-ya, n/a, common) Unknown
Angga (M, UHNG-ga, n/a, common) Unknown
Bambang (M, BAHM-bahng, n/a, common) Unknown
Bimo (M, BEE-mow, n/a, common) Unknown
Cut (M/F, CHUT, Aceh surname, common) Unknown
Dani (M, DUN-nee, n/a, common) Possibly form of "Danny"
Dicky (M, Dick-key, n/a, common) from English nickname of "Richard"
Eni (F, EN-nee, n/a, uncommon) unknown
Evi (F, Eh-vee, n/a, uncommon) Possibly form of "Evie"
Fani (F, FUN-nee, n/a, uncommon) unknown
Gema (M, gem-Ma(as in "Mad"), n/a, uncommon) echo
Harry (M, HUHR-ree, n/a, common) Form of the English "Harry"
Hilman (M, hill-MA(as in "Mad")N, n/a, very uncommon) possibly an invention
Joko (M, JOCK-o, n/a, very common) derived from "Jaka"

That's it for now



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