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So I dun goof'd. (Thread)

For those who don't know, Colorless has just migrated servers, and that meant that all the content had to be ported over.


There was a small fuckup when migrating the databases. A small one. Something nobody saw coming, let alone expected it.

Basically, all texts written in non-latin characters have not been ported correctly. This affects posts, thread titles, usernames, you name it.

What does this mean? Well, basically:

  • You posted something that wasn't written in latin characters (Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese)? Welp, you can't read it anymore. You can still post in non-latin characters but pre-migration posts have been borked beyond recognition. This affects post content AND thread titles.
  • You had a KAWAII DESU username in Japanese, or one in Russian? Welp, sorry! You can't login anymore. This can be solved, however, so we'll analyze your case directly. Contact acostoss, Trev, or me.

My most sincere apologies to our Slavic users, as we can see in here how much shit has hit the fan, and all the other silly-looking people with funny languages. Nobody saw it coming until it was too late to revert it.

Now: If your profile has been affected, well tough fucking luck! We already instructed you guys to change it into a more latin-compliant one so I don't really feel too sorry for you. I guess you don't have a choice now, teehee.

All that said, have fun, and if you're planning to execute me I would very much like it if you use a firing squad, not that silly lethal injection or gas chamber crap. Japanese users and weeaboos are to refrain from rebuilding an ad-hoc 731 Unit to conduct experiments on my person, and Russians are forbidden from bringing Stalin back from the dead to kill me. Trust me, they've already tried.

You should change your nick to Yotsuba.


That's racist.

Yeah, I figured something was off when I saw the spam board had stapler's name absolutely garbled up. But damn, that's quite a bit of a mess.

OMG Banana, u guyz suck. Now I can't sign in as ???????????

best of luck fixing it


.... Maybe they are. Mentally.


This is why the whole world should use the latin alphabet.

@SENsei "Yeah yeah yeah, what? Why? Choi, this hospital is a fool CumLots Nobu. A Really,
Mend. I kid you we. Oh yeah? Dahlonega children?"

Fuck google translate.

Just to further clarify, it wasn't our Fuck up.
Because it is something over which we had no control, its like if Zeus had told Moses that the world was gonna flood, but hadnt specified that all the landbased animals would perish if he didnt make a plane large enough to hold a couple of every animal in the galaxy.

Unless Moses had enough common sense to come to that conclusion on his own.
That being said, we did not have an omnipotent being warning us that this would happen, because i am that OMNIPOTENT being.

And i don't like warnings

PSHAW. GOOGLE TRANSLATE. WHO USES THAT. (And what in all hell is Dahlonega Children?)
Google translate actually does work... If you translate everything, word by word, each word on it's own.

@Momi: Not really, there are tons of words that it just goofs on because it doesn't do colloquialism and different readings very well. Plus, if you know where the individual parts are in Japanese to be using that method, you really have no need to be using Google Translate to begin with. It's probably okay for short basic sentences, but when you start throwing in more than two particles, it's like giving a SPED kid vector calculus to do.

@Yotsuba Fucking Norse Mythology, man.

Yots- I mean @Nandaba leave our gods out of this.


Ouch. I bet all the people with Japanese usernames like Stapler are gonna be all like ???????????

If you recall, a long while back, we had said we were stopping support for non-Latin usernames, and in the case of a messup, you'd be up the creek. This is one such situation.

We also offered to change the username of anyone with a non-latin username. This offer is still open, now.

Then again, I always just thought of google translate as a dictionary as opposed of a translator, thus, never using it (I have my ____ to chinese dictionaries for that) so I wouldn't know.


Greek mythology man. Greed mythology.


Good thing I don't speak/read GLORIOUS NIPPON.

Locked thread! <3

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