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Summons, Incantations, Spells, and Magic (Thread)

Why exactly are they always/almost always in such formal langue?
Using old english, and such.
Why can't someone say something like:
"Hey, yo Zeus! I need the Powa (power).
The Powa of the wata (water).
Just ya' know swirling in the air
Like it just don't care?"

And then they start beat boxing as a water tornado appears or something.

I'm terrible at rapping

Really? Seriously? A good portion of normal people on the internet don't take people who type like that seriously- you really think a god is going to humour you?


Shakespeare is to blame mebe? He is responsible for a lot words people use today.

It was hard to get an idea of what this thread was about and now I just got it.
I think characters use that kind of talk because old fashioned words are associated with wisdom and such...
They should just make wizards and witches use spells in a whisper kind of way. That way they would whisper a spell instead of yelling "SHAZAM!".

well, its better than the numerous instances when just some random grammatical wrong sentences of "foerign" languages are used for spells, right? like all the german in fate/stay night, i dont see how they can take their own spells seriously...
though in the VN, they actually explain that the words dotn really matter and its a personal issue of what you "like" the most t use as a spell to... kinda.... express yourself as amage? kidna weird though

And then, a wizard of fire came upon this thread. His powers matched only by his fury. Using the a spell of complete bullshit that he his 36% sure is true(pulled from his ass hole), he called upon the ancient fires with the words:
"Bluh bluh fiery bluh"
"Incinerate bluh bluh uncreative shit"
And then this thread turned into a toad. The things one does when he has lack of sleep

@PureBoredom i love you.

Hey If you've got the aptitude,
you should check out the mages college up in Winterhold.
Hey If you've got the aptitude,
you should check out the mages college up in Winterhold.
Hey If you've got the aptitude,
you should check out the mages college up in Winterhold.
Hey If you've got the aptitude,
you should check out the mages college up in Winterhold.

You're a wizard, Harry.

Harry: I'm a wiZARD??? But I'm just Harry!!

Only true genius mages are capable of casting spells without making incantations, instead they just say "blah blah blah" followed by the spell name. If you get the character reference good job, if not.. well it just sucks to be you.

I used to summon by rapping. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

By the Nine!

@ImagineBreaker you speakign f Ryner? im pretty sure the little much before the spell name is part of the incantation (though he did summon the thnderspell by just saying its name once, and maybe later in the novels i didnt yet read, not usre. apparently its also stronger if its used like that)

@break No, I meant the person literally says "blah blah blah" followed by the same of the spell~ (eg Tidal Wave)

@ImagineBreaker ohhh si tahts what you meant xDD who was this again? the only mage i can deifnately see that doign woud be lina inverse, but i havent watched Slayers in many years so im not sure anymoe

That does indeed sound very Lina like XD
It's Rita from Tales of Vesperia! One of her skills allows her to cast spells instantly and instead of calling the usual chants she does that instead :3

@Lycan I used to have the aptitude like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

@ImagineBreaker oooohhhhhh i see! well i didnt watch tale sof vesperia yet, uh^^ Why did I forget I had this?

Magic and such is usually considered an ancient art, so the now old speech used was "current" at that time.
That and it sounds a bit better than ~ insert gibberish rap here ~

Though I am quite amused Rita got mentioned here, she should be an example to all.

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