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Summons, Incantations, Spells, and Magic (Thread) - Page 2

@Elegy as should ryner. just think of the occasion in dai densetsu yuusha no densestu-volume 1, where he did that:
"He had put his own finger into the magic inscription drawn by the guard, and changed
its structure. He recklessly changed it to something that he just thought of, completed
the inscription and chanted,
“WHAT I SEEK IS, erm, something like, SMOKE, I guess >>> KEMURI!”"

All of you mages are posers. I was so great that I was in the Psijic order, then I took an arrow to the knee.

If "arrow to the knee" isn't meme status yet, it should be.

Though I dunno about posers. This guy seems legit to me.

My friend is a witch that does spell and incantacions she even make me good luck charms

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