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Make me a K-ON! OC! (Thread)


I will eat you like a strawberry cake if you post an OC without doing it.

(The following image is to capture your attention)

As none (well, very very few) of you are aware, I've been writing a K-ON fanfic. It's nothing brilliant or that well-written, but I think it should serve for entertainment purposes.

This is totally not a ploy to get you to read it. Link!

It's set about four years after the end of the second season. Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi have graduated from college; Ui, Jun, and Azusa are presumably on their last year; Sumire and Nao have just graduated from highschool. But this isn't about them.

The fic features a new generation of the Light Music Club; all the main characters are OCs. Well, the fic's about to be set five years after the second season, since after a few chapters the new Light Music Club members will be second-years. They will be needing a junior!

So! I'll be needing a new character! I could've just made one myself, but I can't adverti--I mean, there are more fun ways to get a new character!

What do I want you to do?
I want you to make a K-ON! OC for me! It can even be a non-member of the Light Music Club.

Here's a template (if your OC is a non-member, remove what doesn't apply):

Surname Name
Blood type: (Optional)
Sign: (Optional)
Birthday: (Optional)
Hair color:
Eye color:
Voice: (Optional)

Description! Be sure to include the character's personality, her reason for joining, general details about her family, and her weaknesses/dislikes.

Favorite music:
Experience with musical instruments:
Commute to school:
Preferences in clothing:
Her room:
Favorite food:
Good subjects:
Bad subjects:
Physical activity:
Way to pass time when alone:

Do you need to draw the character? No, I can do that myself, but I'd love it if you do. I'd still be redrawing her in my own style, of course. If you choose not to draw her but still have a design in mind, describe her.

Do you have to read the fic? I don't think you do, but I'd love it if you did. (I'd love it even more if you left a review.) But what I need you to do is to at least check out the characters (they're linked in my profile) so that you can make a character that complements with them.

Misc. details:
- A female high school freshman only.
- Preferably a guitarist, as she'll be a second guitarist
- I will choose either one, two, or three OCs. Only one will get to be a member of the Light Music Club.
- I want interesting and cute quirks; give me a character that looks like she belongs in K-ON! or some moeblob series.
- I will be very picky.
- Please please please please write properly.

About reviews on the fic. If you're going to give a negative review, be constructive and WRITE IT PROPERLY. Otherwise I will consider it a troll review and it will meet an early grave. As for positive reviews, I'd REALLY appreciate it if they were also written properly. I won't remove them, of course. Are you crazy?

If you're so adorably innocent and don't know what B-W-H is, it's BON KYU BON!


Masayuki Tei
Height: 5’5” (165 cm)
Weight: 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
Blood type: AB
Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: January 31
Handedness: Left
Hair color: Straw
Eye color: Brown
Place: Keyboard
B-W-H: 86-55-84
Voice: Horie Yui (in Satonaka Chie’s role)

Working part-time as a model for a fashion magazine, Tei is well-known for her good looks. Tei rarely has to work hard for anything. She always approaches tasks with a very laid-back attitude. She manages to get good grades with minimal effort, and was born with good looks that belie her age.

Although lazy and usually sleepy, Tei can be spirited when music and having fun are concerned. She actually likes to play pranks. She’s quirky and mischievous; though her humor is good-natured. She’s prone to give other people odd nicknames. She decided to join the Light Music Club while checking out the music clubs, and decided she’ll stay there because the members looked “fun”. Tei plays the keyboard.

Tei is the only-child of a fairly wealthy family. Both parents are present. She has quite a number of pets: a bunny, a cat, a big white dog, and a turtle.

Tei dislikes being rushed.

Favorite music: Classical, pop
Experience with musical instruments: Has been playing piano since she was four
Commute to school: Walks
Preferences in clothing: She likes to be fashionable, and has the clothes to be
Her room: Filled with decorations, but not overly flashy; fairly clean
Favorite food: Much like Hikari, she’s also fond of sweets, especially cake; she also likes tea
Good subjects: She gets good grades without much effort; she doesn’t like studying
Bad subjects: Sometimes struggles with English
Physical activity: Not very athletic, she doesn’t like working up a sweat
Way to pass time when alone: Sleep, listen to music

Have fun!

Deadline's Dec. 26 after Christmas!

So I'm horrible with female characters, as most of my fiction is male-oriented.
I tried anyway since I like doing this sort of thing. :3

Kanesaka Sayoko
Height: 5’3
Weight: 98 lbs
Blood type: O negative
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: October 27
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Hair color: Straw
Eye color: Brown
Place: Guitarist
B-W-H: 34-21-30 (in inches since I’m too lazy to convert)

Sayoko is opinionated, straightforward, and isn’t afraid to place herself in the middle of chaos. She thrives off of the noise and color of the world around her.
This is the reason for her love of music; the whole process of creation and the end result is something that is very important to her.

She wanted to join the Light Music Club because she wanted to share her love of music with other people who seemed to share the same passion. Besides being a guitarist, she dabbles in other forms of music as well, mainly electronica. She’s very good with mixers and synthesizers.

Originally from a small prefecture in Okinawa, Sayoko was born into your everyday Japanese family. She was always a little different than her two younger siblings-- a brother and a sister who were as conservative as her parents. She’d always been more apt to try new styles and focus a little more on her friends and interests than her schoolwork.

She likes experimentation with music and alternative styles. Her ever-changing style also reflects an ever-changing personality-- she has a rather exuberant disposition.

She absolutely loathes her creativity to be stifled, which can put her in situations where she finds herself having conflicts with other headstrong people.

Favorite music: Pop, Rock, Electronica
Experience with musical instruments: Picked up a guitar at age eight, was particularly skilled with it right from the beginning. She started experimenting with desktop music around fourteen years old.
Commute to school: Train
Preferences in clothing: Anything colorful or alternative. She likes mixing different styles.
Her room: Somewhat messy, filled with paintings/illustrations, sheets of music, she also has quite a few instruments lying around. It’s an “organized mess”. If it were orderly, she wouldn’t know where to find half of the things she has in there.
Favorite food: Anything strawberry flavored.
Good subjects: Art and music. Math as well, but she has no interest in it.
Bad subjects: History; she’s horrible at remembering dates and facts.
Physical activity: She’s not athletic whatsoever. She’s a bit clumsy, in fact.
Way to pass time when alone: Painting is her ultimate relaxation tool. She is also a pretty big fan of shoujo manga, so she reads it when she has the time.

Ah. Uhm. Everything's good, except she's not a highschool freshman.

Ah... well... you can change that. I didn't even realize it said she had to be, that's my bad.

Actually, I'll go through my post and edit it.

I took out everything that would lead you to believe she's not in high school.

ill read it once ive atcually watched k-on.
until then, THIS gif could be even better at gettign our attention. its hypnotic. (im scaaared)

Seto Ayumi (瀬戸 あゆみ)

Height: 5" (153cm)
Weight: 95lbs (43kg)
Blood type: A
Sign: Pisces
Birthday: 12th March
Handedness: Right
Hair color: Dirty Blonde (Dyed)
Eye color: Brown
Place: Guitarist
B-W-H: 73-53-77
Voice: Sato Rina (in Tooru Taki's role)

Ayumi is an ex fashion model who has a big heart for fashion and music. She admires Tei from afar and wishes that she could have continued her fashion career. She works in her cousin's live house as backstage helper. She sees life as a blessing and cherishes every moment, not letting anything get in her way and being negative. She is kind hearted and shy around new people. Around her friends, she is more open and giggling. She is proud to be flat chested and thinks that not being big chested is a gift. She is often mistaken as Type O or B. Her grades are usually Cs and Bs.

The reason Ayumi wanted to join was so she could improve her skills on the guitar but believes that her skills are good enough to impress. She also wanted another way to get close to Tei and hopefully become friends with her and the other members as they also interest her.

Ayumi was originally born in Shibuya, Tokyo but moved with her parents as her father had been relocated to another prefecture. She comes from an low upper-class family. She is an only child. Ayumi often went around Shibuya and Harajuku and was featured in japanese street fashion magazines. She won the best style award surveyed in ZIPPER magazine.

She loves practicing the guitar and learning her favourite songs by ear, she also does this with the violin. (she loves the whammy bar the most on the guitar) She also spends a majority of her time surfing the internet and creating new looks. She hates making the decision for everyone and prefers to do what everyone else wants.

Favorite music: Enjoys a mixture of genres but prefers Kpop, Jelectro/pop, Rock, instrumentals and (Chinese) indie.
Experience with musical instruments: She has been playing guitar for 2 years. Besides guitar, she has been learning violin for 6 years. She has a normal and electric violin.
Commute to school: Car
Preferences in clothing: She has a mixture of styles. She prefers dressing up in cult party-kei, punk and street. She has her own way of dressing, she owns a few wigs and loves shoes. Prefers creepers, tokyo boppers and dr martens.
Her room: Neat but decorated well. Her walls are covered in fashion and her favourite band's posters. She also has plushies on the bed and fairy lights hanging over her. She has a walk in closet for all of her clothes and shoes. Shelves for her books and school work with a medium sized desk as her working place. She has her instruments kept safely in her practice studio.
Favorite food: pastries and desserts, anything vanilla and strawberry flavoured, mangos and pineapples.
Good subjects: Textiles, Geography and English.
Bad subjects: P.E and Maths.
Physical activity: Although she is petite, she does not gain weight easily even if she eats alot. Although she likes dancing, she hates things such as cross country, jumps and fitness tests. She cannot swim.
Way to pass time when alone: Surfing the internet, practicing guitar and violin, learning the dance routines from korean MVs, watching anime and reading manga.


omg you're such a tsundere

Or a very mean person playing with her onii's heart

but it was fun :3

Deadline's Dec. 26 after Christmas!

try using paragraphs rather than constantly skipping a line.
I'm just saiyan.

Palm, face, etc.

hey, if you don't mind can a i be a boy character, i can give a complete detail of my character.


Name: Zelgo
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125
Blood type: AB-
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: April 23rd
Handedness: Right
Hair color: White
Eye color: Light Blue
Place: Guitarist
Voice: Tōshirō Hitsugaya

i have other details as well if you would like, pm if it's ok to be a male character, and no, he is not a pervert character, he has a personally like keiichi.

  • The full template
  • A female high school freshman only.
  • Sakuragaoka High Light Music Club member
  • Sakuragaoka High is an all-girls school
  • I want interesting and cute quirks; give me a character that looks like she belongs in K-ON! or some moeblob series.
  • Please please please please write properly.


I'm just going to pretend that never happened.

ok, thanks for your time. and about that question i asked you, can you help.

Chikamatsu Katsumi (近松.勝美)

Height: 5'2" (157.5 cm)

Weight: 50kg (110.2 lbs)

Blood type: AB

Sign: Aquarius (Or Pisces, really depends on if you're looking at the one
that includes that new one or the old one.)

Birthday: February 9th

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Hair color: Jet Black (If it needs to be Straw coloured then by all means,
make it straw coloured.)

Eye color: Brown

Place: Guitarist, has experience as Vocalist as well.

B-W-H: 36-24-36 (inches)

Voice: Something like 96neko or Valshe. Borderline shota/pre-puberty male voice.

Katsumi is a shy girl upon first glance. She's introverted and quiet; in other words, she's one of those people who won't make any kinds of interaction at all unless if someone else takes the initiative to go up to her. She has difficulties stating and expressing her emotions, thus, most of her feelings are expressed through her music pieces that she writes. Katsumi gets embarrassed at the smallest things and she's often timid when meeting new people. At times, when she gets too embarrassed or excited, she will either pass out or immediately reject
whatever is being offered to her. Her grades are normally high A's, with the exception of History, in which she gets high B's or low A's. Even though PE is not her worst subject, she's still very clumsy. She often trips over air and bumps into signs.

Katsumi's main goal in joining the Light Music Club is because she wants to learn how to be interactive as well as build strong relationships with other people through music. Since expressing her thoughts through music is the most convenient way for her, she thinks that the Light Music Club would also be a great opportunity to not only polish off her composing skills, but also let out all her emotions at the same time.

She was born into a well-off and average family, though her parents are often overseas working, she still feel a strong connection amongst all her family members. She has an older brother and a younger sister. Her older brother graduated from high school and is currently working as another support for the family, financially, and he does majority of the housework. The youngest sibling is currently in grade 6. She loves causing trouble for Katsumi in any way she can. Due to her family situation, Katsumi believes that the faster she can achieve a profession of some level, the faster her parents and brother can finally get to enjoy their lives.

Despite being introverted, Katsumi loves going shopping for CDs and looking at pet stores. She often wishes that she can own a little puppy. At home, she normally spends at least two hours everyday at night pouring out her feelings for the day by composing music. After each session, she would feel as if a huge boulder has just been lifted since she often bottles up her feelings due to her social awkwardness. Katsumi hates being complimented or criticized. In both cases, she has no idea what to do so she ends up having a panic attack.

Favorite music: Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk Rock, Punk

Experience with musical instruments: Played the piano for ten years before finally getting tired of classical music and quitting. She self-taught herself the guitar for about 2 years before finally getting a teacher to teach her for the following 3 years. Katsumi has always had an interest in singing when she was 10, so she also had vocal lessons for about a year.

Commute to school: By feet, occasionally by bike.

Preferences in clothing: For the most part, she wears plain, baggy, and boyish clothing as they feel comfortable. She likes the brands h.NAOTO, Beams Boys, and As Know As.

Her room: Four white walls, a light cedar coloured desk right under the window which is on the very right of the wall opposite to the door. Her bed is on the wall to the left of the doorway (if you're looking from out to in) and the closet, on the right wall. On the left side of the wall facing the door, there are posters of her favourite bands. Her desk is decorated with nendroids along the back of the desk, surrounding the desk lamp, and to one side of the desk, there are sheets of music stacked into two piles. Overall, her room is cleaner than a normal teen's.

Favorite food: Tuna, Dark Chocolate, Sushi, Pudding.

Good subjects: Art, Math, Science

Bad subjects: History

Physical activity: She doesn't have a schedule of physical activities other than walking and/or biking to/from school. (Those are her only physical activities, actually)

Way to pass time when alone: Composing music, reading, painting, and singing

..... Maybe I'll decide to draw a picture. If I have time.

LOL I'm sorry, I didn't notice the template had Eye Color and Hair Color filled in. Will fix that, thanks.

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