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Help me With my Addiction (Thread)

Please tell me something that will make me think Pringles are disgusting. I have a problem -

well the brand that produces Pringles are assholes who dont treat their workers right? not a sbad as coca-cola-company though, ithink, but still prety bad.

That would seriously not put me off, I've shopped at Primark.

Their workers consist mainly of dolls ordered to make Pringles without end resulting in their lives being a complete tragedy. Think about it, something created with no other purpose than to make highly addictive snacks which will on result in them working more and more until they crash. Never being able to learn the world is more than just that.

Plus some of those dolls are loli.

Hang on...that's made me pretty mad instead. Know I wanna go punch the guy in charge!!

I'm afraid to tell you that there is no current way to stop Pringles addiction. Like heroin (or cocaine), it's a hell of a drug. Your only options are to go to rehab, or cold turkey (much riskier).

You know what makes pringles taste so good? That little bit of what you think is salt on your fingers?

That's my dried sperm. Yes, I produce that much. It's one of the reasons that pringles are so reliant on the production of my sperm for their chips. So much sperm man. SO MUCH SPERM!!!! They tried sperm other then mine, but it didn't taste the same.

@ImagineBreaker so true. we NEED to free those lolis from the dark, cold basements of pringles production, and place them in OR warm, fuzzy basements instead!
@UsuiTakumi good thing i dont eat them. btw you should meet a doctor, if your sperm is red... tahts not normal, having bloody sperm.

HURGH That line might actually work, Usui.@Someone They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, NO. ಠ_ಠ

In every can, imagine it's Mr Pringles wrinkly cut up penis or at least one of a man with a mighty fine moustache.

@DSP Grabbing one leads to ?

Usui's sperm is like Dutchie's.

Except Dutchie's is maple syrup, while Usui's is salt.

Wait, am I doing something wrong here?

No, it changes with the seasons. They just stock up on my sperm a few times a month, and they make new flavors, like ranch.

That's amazing, Usui. No wonder you use it the way you do!

@Usui, your a natural wonder! does that mean we can use it to breed 4 different kinds of supermutants for our army per year?

Supermutant Usuis running around? Terrifying thought. D;;;;

@Keri rest assured, they arent just gonna run around, were usign them for our army to fight against pringles and free the loli's they are keeping! we NEED them to keep up against the pringle's army and their elite troup, the mustacho muchacho's.

I LOVE pringles.

@HucthHutchenson you MONSTER.

@hais Those lego bitches shouldn't mess with the pringles!

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