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Help me With my Addiction (Thread) - Page 2

@hais those FOOLS... it takes an expert mage and/or an usui-breeded supermutant to deal withthe pringles! they have died in vain.. but we will avenge their deaths anyways!

Ummm Pringles are not made from Potatoes? XD It's mostly starch, flour, sugars and fat.

16 of those chips = 150 calories. 90 of those calories in fat.

That's 30 minutes of non-stop sit-ups.

Now how many chips in one can... 70? 80?

Now that's said -noms on sour cream and onion and washes it down with Dr. Pepper-

Wait...what? Are you saying you're going to be using my supermutant sperm for your own needs?! YOU MONSTER!!!! This sperm of mine shall be used to make children and pringles. Nothing of this sort....unless you want to whore me out and pay for this shit. <3$

think that pringles are made of discarded organs dried up sliced.

or that it shortens your life by 3 seconds

or that your killing the world

however the cylindrical container is handy.... i used it to hold my books

just buy the pickled flavored type. it was so disgusting i used it to loose weight. when eva i ate one i would throw up and loose a couple of pounds. well duh that was a joke. but seriously, try em if you can find them. they might have gotten ridden of them all together they were so bad.

@megumi-tan They don't sell that version in the UK, thank the Lord. . .

@UsuiTakumi what are you saying, your sperm is property of ou newfound state, bodoland! as well as oyur life and soul,a nd now back in your cage and make more children for our army with our other armybreeders!

One of the key ingredients for the integrity and crunchiness of Pringles is shellac.

What is shellac?

Well, essentially it's pretty much beetle excrement.

Now I want Pringles >:C

That is the secret objective of this thread.

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