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What's you New Year's Resolution? :D (Thread)

Hi all! I wanted to do this in advance so no one would steal my idea, lol. Christmas is around the corner then comes New Year's. Some people have the same resolutions then add on (thinking they can get it right that year) or come up with new one's. So I was just curious: What are your resolutions for the year 2012.
Mines: (this one is for this year that i'll continue again in 2012) Don't change myself just to please the eyes of others, for I don't want to be forced to change and feel miserable for changing, if I do change it must be for myself and myself alone.
2nd Resolution: Get a job!
3rd Resolution: Maybe or maybe not (cause I doubt I will since I have been single all my life and never had anyone) find a bf/gf?

For me it's the usual:

  • Weight Loss
  • Finish a novel
  • Be nicer to people (haha)
  • Get that Celty helmet done!

Live by the quote "Work like a president, party like a king."

Mine is probably going to be
1st resolution: Lose 6-10 pounds (I'm not fat, I just want to tone my body basically so I can be even more of a hot mamacita xP)
2nd Resolution: Get a 4.0 GPA
3rd Resolution: Give up soda completely (if I can... it's kind of impossible though T_T)
yep, that's pretty much it. I think with some determination everyone can achieve their new years resolutions. A couple years ago I resolved to stop biting my nails, which were short and icky due to that life long bad habit. and now they look great! ^_^

Let's work hard next year!

Mine: don't make resolutions on new years.
If something should be changed, then start immediately, or else it must not really be that big a deal it if you're willing to wait for a specific day to start.

Probably get a girl friend.
(Or at least get a date, lol)

Find or make a band.
Find a girl I like. (Very Improbable)

Although, I'm always trying to do these things.

Me all alone. vv*PEsjZ3W3e7CYa7qk6pwXtevlwfwdR-6Y2y4zEjdqUlIk4sESMvXDpcrmJtz1CRRVFx5218feOBoTc1tt9rpX/bassist2.jpg

  • Be nicer
  • Become lovable
  • Make awesome thread
  • Write fanfic
  • Laugh in the faces of those who believe in 2012

Improve my guitar skills.
Get my grades to improve or stay as it is (98% average and whatnot).
..... Why am I even making resolutions when Christmas isn't even here yet?

loss weight
find a girlfriend
find a career choice
visit friends via 800mi drive
enjoy the last year

play the guitar better
get a job
skate better than this year
find a cute/pretty girl that likes me back =.= soo hard tho

Get better at Breakdancing
Get better at Drawing
Get better at the Ukulele
Get better at not Procrastinating

I shall call this year the "Get-better-at-things Year"

Fuck more bitches.

The same thing we do every year, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Honestly though, most people forget their resolution either the next morning when they sober up or about two weeks into January.

being able to go into the military and haveing a life not like my familly

Lose a lot of weight (because I want skinny legs)

Study harder.

Avoid being that nice to people. I am getting sick of it.

Wait, I remember this year's New Year's Resolution. It's to go to North Korea.
Yes, that's it! I remember discussing about this in my hotel room in Seoul. Damn!

Yeah, I agree with @HutchHutchenson nobody ever follows through with their New Year's Resolutions because two weeks into January, most people would have another thing comin'

That said, the vague ones always come through, like losing weight or get better at drawing...

New Years resolutions are hopeless, but I keep telling myself that I'll make them THIS year.. So my resolutions for 2012 are:

-wake up in the morning
-eat breakfast
-pay attentions to my surroundings...
-go the gym four times a week
-get a job

Haha, well, I guess I should wish us all good luck ^^,

Improve My Singing - Increase My Lung Capacity

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