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Puella Magi Lyrical Nanoha (Thread)

We meet again!
Since the previous Nanoha thread was shut down due to being inactive for too long I decided to take it upon myself to recreate it.
I'll start with another introduction shall I? (yes I know I stole it from my other thread)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a Mahou Shoujo franchise created by Tsuzuki Masaki as well as the Eroge company Ivory who have created the Triangle Heart (TH) series.

Being a spinoff to TH3 (Nanoha is the little sister of TH3's main character) the series consists of 3 anime seasons, each of which have a adaptation manga and 2 manga series taking place after the third series StrikerS (ViviD and Force).

The first series is followed by A's taking place 6 months after the first season and StrikerS being a whole 10 years later. Recently there has been a movie adapting the first series with a 2nd movie covering the A's storyline in Summer next year.

Nanoha is well known for it's characters, soundtrack and over the top magical attacks (including attacks which would be enough to destroy an entire fleet being used on a single person). Not to mention the yuri subtext XD

The series had some really powerful scenes in each season which would even make a man cry (I nearly did).

You can watch the opening's here:

Feel free to discuss anything about this amazing Mahou Shoujo series here, you can also include any artwork or whatever.

Gotta love this pic XD:

You can find the previous thread here

Never seen this. Break it down for me. Sell me this series. GO!

@Hutch Hutchenson alright then!
Loli girls, mature girls, big breasted girls, small breasted girls
Fighting, FRIENDSHIP, betrayal, death, yuri-subtext and most importantly explosions.
But wait how could I forget! Attacking powerless girls with over the top magic only for them to become your friend or even fall in love with you.

loli.....small chested....

@Hutch Hutchenson you sir are a hard person to please~
I accept that and shall inform my loli army to remain on standy

@HutchHutchenson they do grow up in season 3, which is 24 episodes while seaons 1 and two where they are loli are 12 episodes. pleased now?

No. Flat chested lolis for twelve episodes=butthurt. I can't go that long without decent boobage.

@HutchHutchenson well its not like its completely without boobed characters for that time.. signum in teh second season is an important character and quite booby. anyways whi knows, maybe youll awaken to the goodness that is flatness~ its worht it anyways, even if oyur not into it.

Well if someone genuinely doesn't want to watch it there's no point trying to force them. Just let things go~

Character proportions aside Nanoha has a pretty memorable cast as well as soundtrack but most importantly it's story and that's what really counts.

Haha, I joke. Idc about boobage really. Whats its about? Story plox?

@hutchHutchenson plot is mre or less "science-fiction mahou shoujo", the main point is the really good drama and really well-done characters oon the one side, and the explosive battles and action ont he other side (who else manages to be badass when your beams are pink? okay lately quite a bunch of people, but nanoha was one of the first XD)
well sicne the movie is mro eor less a retelling of the first season 8with soem stuff shortened but also more and new character development for fate testarossa) , you can tart with that if your not patient for going through the 12-episodes first season^^ its also visually very spectacular.

Wait, did imagine say good story? I'm all about story.

@HutchHutchenson the story IS good, bt its hard ot explain well because it built ehavily on the characters.

Thats ok, so was baccano and that was awesome. If the characters and story are win I can probably overlook this moe loli nonsense.

@HutchHutchenson good^^ (moe loli nonsense? nobody said it would be like that..)
well its the most popular, most famous mahou shoujo anie for adults out there, and not for nothing.

the loliness kinda dies wen th admition bureu thing starts. i mean yes, nanoha i totally and wonerfully adorible, but its not like ur everyday magical girl series.

only reaosn i never watched season 3 was finding out that there is no loli nanoha and fate OTL

P.S. season3 worth watching?

@Hutch: Muther fucker, you're going to watch Nanoha, but feel free to disregard what everyone else has said so far. Do you like character growth mutha fucker? Do like seeing someone who starts out knowing shit ass fuck what to do with their lives? You do? Well fuck yes. Now, how about if I told you that around the time these concerns pop up, A MAGICAL FUCKING FERRET comes and offers our main character a chance to become A FUCKING MAGICAL GIRL? That catch your fancy? Does it? It does? Well fuck yes x2. How about some fucking giant ass beam weapons and monsters to back up a plot filled with grief that one wouldn't normally expect a 9 year old fucking girl to go through, including cloning? Awwww yeah, you feelin' it? You do? Well fuck yes x3. Now take this, span it over 3 series with a giant ass cast of characters and character development as well (yeah, that's right, you're not going to be left hangin' with static characters) with increasingly dramatic and climactic plot lines, and there you fucking have Nanoha. Have I convinced you? I better fucking have.

Fate Love forever mutha fuckers.

The number of people that suddenly started posting makes me cry tears of joy~

I swear @SENsei should be a salesman, since that post alone would've gotten me into the series XD

@animeftw of course StrikerS is worth seeing!! People complained about the lack of loli but there's still 3 important ones (Caro, Vita and Vivio). Theres also more explosive power, you though ONE starlight breaker was enough? WRONG!!!
Oh and of course there's more Fate development~
Fate FTW!!!!!~

Nanoha will always be my favourite Mahou Shoujo series, though Madoka is only the same level I'd say~

in a magical girl battle of team nanoha V.S. team madoka i would bay to see that :3

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