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Puella Magi Lyrical Nanoha (Thread) - Page 2

Nanoha is love, and the movie remake is fantastic, as well.

@SENsei really knows how to BEFRIEND people

Isn't it just~
Can't wait for A's in summer <3

@animeftw that would be an intersting match but the Nanoha girls are too overpowered so I'd place my bets on them. If Ultimate Madoka was there you know what'd happen?
An epic battle between the White Devil against a God!!!
Can the world really handle the awesome??

God will save even the Devil.

Ahh. I need to watch this anime.

@ImagineBreaker im unsure if madokami has any offensive power though.
@animeftw dont worry you may lose loli nanoha and fate but you do gain vivio, and that makes up for it^^
@SENsei dammn yeah fate. ona nother note
time for some befriending~

Order it, read it, love it.

We've got both possible end CGs for how the fight would end~

@break no offensive power? I'm pretty sure she does, it's not like she got any weaker is it?

Ah I wanna read that doujin SO bad~

Vivio is pretty adorable~ has the same voice as Yuuno and Mami if I remember correctly XD
Anyway be expecting a lengthy video on Gears of Destiny when I get back from Uni :3

It's ridiculously epic, got my copy at C80, though it seems that it's no longer sold on Toranoana. There's going to be a sequel at C81 that's going to focus on Kyoko and Fate, and being the Fate fag I am, it's certainly going to be in my hands by the end of December.

That's a shame, that's one doujin I would buy.
Kyoko AND Fate?? That's just too awesome!!~
Get a 2nd copy for me while you're at it :3

@ImagineBreaker i dunno, i mean she never actualy fighted by ATACKING as madkami right? she pretty much just went into every point i th epast any mahou shouj has ever died at simultaneously and purified their soul gems so they didnt becoem witches.. which kinda not destroyed the walpurgisnacht but instea prevented it ever existed in the first place. (which again supports the theory that walpurgis is a thign made up of all the other witches in existence merged together~)
@SENsei remidns me of that extrachapter of prisma illya, where illya and her partnergirl end up in the same collapsing world for a while together with nanoha and fate.. (due to a failed experiment by rin again.) it ends with them beeign back, btu accidentally having mixed up their wands/devices.. btw your luky sensei, i alway shave to pay 1000 yen more for doujins than you since none of the stores ship to anywhere outside japan..

@break well I'm sure she knows combat skills for when necessary~
It is pretty similar, though one was an extra chapter whilst the other a doujin :3

yep yep^^ but well i dunno, i mean sicn eshes a force of nature now, she doesnt really.. NEED any combat techniques right? its not like a normal fighter could kill a force of nature, except maybe by exterminating the htign they are bound on (so mostly planets, but sicne madoka is the force of nature for mahou shoujo's to "not die in despair", while beeing infinitely stronge rin combat, nanoha cant kill madokami sicne shes a mahou shoujo herself, of a kind.. and shed have to destroy every othe rmahoushoujo as well as every furry mascot or other means for soemeone ot ever becoem a mahou shoujo.. and stillt hen, once someone woudl becoem a mahou shoujoo through newm emans , madokami would "resurrect"..

You're looking into things too much :3
Who said they had to kill each other? You know Nanoha doesn't kill (destroying mechs and buildings doesn't count as killing in this sense).

I'm sure Nanoha would be able to put up a fight~

Oh and as promised
Pretty normal CM, yay more LE content~

Now THIS is the fun bit, don't be expected a mini trailer XD

I gotta say. Sensi is a master salesman. First with that laptop thug and now this. I'm now legit interested in this.

@HutchHutchenson you bette rbe. its awesome. though im kidna disappointed only SEn's advertising got through to you and not ours?

SENsei is a beast. Mmmmmm

Don't think Madoka actually has any awesome combat advantages, an average fighter at best maybe.

It's just that her power counters the witches hard out.

@break I know that fell bro pats shoulder there's time where what you say appear to be useless, don't let it get to you though!!

@Kronifer an average fighter with a vast amount of magic though, she could use that to make up for her lack of skill.

It's been 4 days and not a single post? I gotta remember to try and keep this thread alive so it doesn't get locked again. But how? :3

Anyone tried the Battle of Aces yet? It was released ages ago. Played through Nanoha and Fate's stories so far, it's pretty easy to understand for someone like me surprisingly. I like how in matches during the third round the set up theme replaces the stage must, made things pretty epic when I was taking on Material S as Fate after nearly getting dominated XD

Also there's ad-hoc which is pretty dead these days sadly =(

well, i still dotn have a psp so i didnt~

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