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Puella Magi Lyrical Nanoha (Thread) - Page 3

Ad-hoc? Reminds me of disgaea on the psp. So dead.

@break well when you do get one just go straight to G.O.D, I can always summarise the story for Battle of Aces~

@Hutch Hutchenson is ad-hoc generally dead? It's the same on all the games I've tried so far.

ah okay then^^

I'm pretty confident that I understand what's going on too~
It'd be amusing if I was interpreting it completely differently and misunderstood the plot though :3

xDD yep taht woudl be nice

More like it'd be funny. I mean I could look at is as if they were defeating clones which had been made to save them when in reality they were just doing it for the lulz for example.

That did actually cross my mind a few times since they play a pretty sad track whenever you finish a battle as if saying "hooray you killed them! Now watch as the body of one of your treasured characters disintegrates because of you!! demon!!~"

im sad i coulnt get the LE of the 1st game Y DID I LIKE THE ANIME TOO LATE OTL

@ImagineBreaker well, thats pretty much the spirit of nanoha, isnt it? i think scaglietti is the only nanoha-villain who iis really flat.. (character-wise)..

@break sounds about right, their actions are justified though. Or at least we're brainwashed to think so~
Scaglietti huh? You're probably right about that.

@animeftw same with me really. Actually I got into it 2 years ago and by the time I was well acquainted with the series the game was almost due. Unfortunately I lacked a PSP and didn't order from the net at that time.
So I decided to order it this time without even knowing if I'd have a PSP, fortunately the (otaku) goddess was in my favour~

hah yeah^^

what did the LE of the first game include?

"The Limited package comes with a figure of Nanoha, posters, a towel, a pouch, a cleaner, a set of stickers and a visual book."

It seems you can still get them from Amazon or Ebay for £70+
But I'd rather not
Wouldn't mind this though~

And just for the lulz

@ImagineBreaker hm the figure does nto really impress me, the game does though.. though it does make me wonder, why is there no fatee-figma (fighting, preferrably with all kinds of bardiche, including the zanbers)? it would sell well im sure.
yes, the reinforce zwei figure is pretty good isnt it? for the price id rather do the resin kit and make a naked reinforce 2 though XD (but its really itnerestign how such a reinforce figure would actually be practically on a 1/1 scale, given rei's tiny stature, huh?)

gagh im actually ponderign at buying this obviously pirated DVD...

@break the figure isn't that impressive is it? The game is pretty good! It has both an interesting story and a great soundtrack, the gameplay is simple but fun too.

That is quite strange actually!

Yup! Rein Zwei was pretty awesome to start with. You could say it's 1/1 actually!! I never thought about it like that~
The Naked Rein looks kinda weird :3

I had those thoughts a few times too~
Mainly because there is no official release outside JP past A's and even for that you're testing your luck to find it.
There's a chance I'll probably by the Movie BDs though, once I persuade my brother that it's not a bad idea~ (it worked with Madoka pretty easily)

@ImagineBreaker hah yeah^^ cant wait to play it!

true true!

heh yeah^^ thats prolly because of the paint; the sculpt itself is pretty good. considering resinkits always come unpainted, she ownt look like on the previewpic when you get her; you gotta paint her yourself, and if she looks good or not, well, it depends on yoru skill. im planning to do saya next anyways xD

hmyeah...haha yeah your right^^

holy shit i didnt even know they even if they had merch of saya

i was sold at towel,knowing me id just hangit on the wall to admire :3

@break that's the spirit! Hopefully I'll have finished it before I receive G.O.D which is pretty likely seeing how I can do one story in one sitting of 20 minutes (usually 7 2/3 round battles with a fair amount of dialogue).
Another awesome bonus in the game is besides having tracks from the original anime and some original ones there's also these:

Though this is probably my favourite track from the entire game

Ahh I see, pretty interesting idea~
Saya huh XD

Of course I'm right :3

@animeftw they dont have anythign official, btu those "garage kits" are fanmade and of course saya has many fans^^ so its kidn amore of a surprise that tehre are only 4 kits of her. but well, youll find kits of almost anythign if you search well enough, andif not, you can make it yourself (though tahts hard work). if youve only handled PVC igures before, you gotta note that 1. you have to paint and assmeble them yourself and 2. that resin is a lot harder, heavier and less flexible than PVC. if youll treat it just like your other figures, its possible somethign will break off.
@ImagineBreaker hah yeah^^ yep yep. i liek saya. the most symphathic lovecraftian monster ever.

dotn get cocky, mongrel! searches gate of babylon for the gihest level of PSP

My psp is still the first one they came out with.

@animeftw that's probably what I'll do with the stuff that the G.O.D box comes with~

@break Really looking forward to read it because of that~
Calm down Gil-chan XD
Might have to look for a while~

Mine obviously wasn't seeing how it's a 3000~

Seems like I've gotten by brother to agree to buying Nanoha 1st (pretty easily), would just need to see how well the translation was done and stuff like that~

@ImagineBreaker you shoudl do so right away; its extremely short for a story-eroge anyways^^ only aroudn 7 hours reading time for thw whole thing..
hmmm shall the king show mercy~?
hah kay^^

ah i see, i see.

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