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Puella Magi Lyrical Nanoha (Thread) - Page 4

@break quite true, I think I'll keep myself hyped and wait for the official release though~

You should oh King of Heroes, otherwise I may have to use force and make you call of your attack and that'd be dangerous...for all of us~

yep yepp^^ (if it ever happens)..

hahaha! you think you can even touch me, the wonerdful, exciting king of heroes, mongrel?

@break it should do, it was announced a while back after all.

Only one way to find out, though I warn you, at the moment you are in MY Nanoha thread. Still think you can take me? :3

hm true..

of course! i can tale on anyoen anywhere! after all, i have the raising heart in my weaponry too!

so far im starting to like season 3
and a clip from awsome episode 8 :3
i thought this scene was kool

random clip
and a random youtube comment for laughs
"If the chick in red survived that, I'm gonna eat my´╗┐ hat."

@animeftw good work! your watching the TV or the DVD version? (they redrew soem scenes in the DVDversion. for example int he scene with teana, in the TV version nanoha looks more insane and in the DVD version mroe sad (but still kinda mad..))

mixture o both i think since i find links to watch on PSP since i need anime to watch, during work i just watch anime when there's nothing to do ^^

hm okay i see~
there are groups encoding anime for PSP right? i often see their torrents on nyaa.

@break DAMMIT!! That was meant to by MY secret weapon, no matter I'll figure something out :3

@animeftw I see you posted the DVD version though, for some reason the tv version reminds me of something SHAFT'd do~
You think you like StrikerS now, wait till the final few episodes =)

haha go on an try~

Not a problem! I'll just use my Reality Marble "Unlimited Mahou Shoujo (including loli) Works name subject to change" if I have to~
I that way if I can't take you down through physical damage you'll lose from blood loss XD

We're getting heavily off topic it seems~

gwah! you found my only weakness! you fiend!

"The easiest way to discover your opponent's weakness is first to know your own and use it against them. Only then will you truly grasp victory" - ImagineBreaker
It was merely misfortune that you were my opponent!

And with that I summon forth a mere sample!

AGH! im almos. ..beat.. ishall counterattack!
feel the wrath of gilgamesh(-ko)!
AND enkidu!

ah who cares, ill egt all the zero-servants to fight!
(were really just sharign images now arent we?)

Well mine were relevant, they were all Nanoha images.

Move those to the F/Z thread and maybe it won't be so out of place, not that our battle wasn't out of place to start with :3

I do applaud your spammage though~

haha yeah^^ all that enkidu remidns me i still havent read fate/strange fake, or mro elike i dotn even know where to read it... (i wonder if it may, too, get animated though..)

@break well this is hopefully a good sign then -

dammn yeah!

It's not official yet, but at least it shows they're considering it.
And with that we put a close in this chapter of off topic-ness~

haha okay okay^^

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