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Puella Magi Lyrical Nanoha (Thread) - Page 5

Well guess I'll leave these here

after watching all these amvs i feel like watchi8ng season 1 and 2 again
and the movie

i laughed my ass off here


@animeftw ahh nostalgia, I remember watching the first one before the series XD
Stardust Witch Nanoha huh? A perfect parody there, especially since Meruru was obviously a parody of Nanoha, I mean not only was Meruru voiced by Tamura Yukari to add the icing on the cake~

Guess I'll leave this here

So far I've finished 5 stories on Battle of Aces: Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Shamal and Zafira. They were all pretty fun but I've got to say my favourite battle was the last one of Hayate's story, Nanoha vs Hayate~
One thing I don't get is one some character's icon in story mode there's an icon of some kind of card. I thought this just meant I finished their story but Fate didn't have one even though I finished her story.
Any ideas?

Nearly finished Battle of Aces now, just 1 more match with Signum and then Vita's story.
I think I'll post what I thought of each story when I'm done.

Also I found far too many Nanoha MVs to post today so I've decided to split them into three posts. One for each day.
Day 1:

Well I finished all the character stories on Battle of Aces this morning! Was a pretty fun experience I've gotta say. I'll post about it later.
First I need to figure out how I actually trigger all the extra matches so I can unlock the Materials.

Day 2 of videos:

Still no posts in 3 days?
Guess you leave me no choice put to post my last set of videos!

Well Gears of Destiny is gonna get released very shortly. Ready for some online befriending? XD

damn i gotta wait 2 more days for the game to come to me

@animeftw two days huh? I've got no idea how long I'll have to wait -__-
I saw a unboxing earlier and DAMN the GOD is huge!! Looks like its twice as big as the S;G one was.

Also been watching some ad-hoc battles on Nico Nico, it looks SWEET!! Like a drastically better power up of Battle of Aces XD

damn thats huge im gonan have to make room in my closet, as for the 3rd season of Nanoha and HOLY SHIT episode 17 was just damn

@animeftw You've seen it huh?
A closet huh...WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!? Looks like I'm gonna have too see how much room I have in my closet :3

I forgot exactly what happened in 17 but I have a feeling of what it is. It's feeling more like the original series now ain't it XD

Well anyone played Gears of Destiny yet?
Seems there's quite a few ISOs out right now. Still waiting for my order :3
Guess the reason for my posting this video out of all the ones available? There's two reasons~

The game really has improved on the original. Not only is there more characters but they've also added to the already awesome soundtrack including the OP for BOTH titles in an awesome instrumental arrangement!!

damn my order is delayed because of Christmas >.>

@animeftw that's happening?
Damn, it wouldn't be a surprise if the same happened to me. Looks like I won't be getting my present of GoD and TYPE MOON Ace on time.
Though I kinda expected that given I can't seem to get in touch with the friend should be collecting them. I trust him though, he wouldn't take em from me. He got a few eroge for me as well as Steins;Gate after all XD

The ISO is still there if you have CFW.

Here's another video. To continue with the last one I'll make another question: What is the weapon Linith is using?

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