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My problem is getting out of hand!! Please offer advice. (Thread)

Okay so I've been having this problem with being addicted to taking horse anal for several years so far. I know its wrong and I should probably stop, but the feeling of a big fat warm juicy horse in my ass just makes me feel like such a bitch.

I've tried male recipients but they never gave me the satisfaction like that of a horses cock. Its just so amazingly huge. My ass has been spread out so far, I don't even know what I should do anymore.
I've gone to several therapist but they could not help me. No, matter what I do, I always ended up with a horse giving me anal by the end of the week. I've even tried rehab, but I quickly relapsed.

Its gotten so much worse now. I'm taking the horses cock daily!!! It feels so wrong, but simultaneously fills my ass with pleasure. Just its thick beating cock all the way up to in abdomen feels amazing. I can't even describe the feeling.

So I have come here to ask you all for help. I can't seem stop, and doctor's weren't able to help me. Please anyone give me advice on what I should do to stop this horrible affliction of mine!!!!
Thank you Barack Obama. <3

You too?! I thought I was the only one... <3

There's been a lot of these advice threads lately. This one takes the cake for being the most prominent one. It's good that you came here for help because a lot of these people are doctors, psychiatrist, and many are experts in love and relationships. You came to the right place.

I see that you may see this addiction as something that is getting out of hand but I assure you, nothing is wrong. Just keep going at it and eventually you will tire out. At least your posterior will give out anyway.

I have a horse penis,just give me your ass and I'll take your cares away

@UsuiTakumi wow that sounds painfull. but for advice you should listen to @One He knows what he is talking about. I cant give you advice except for good luck and i hope your safe while doing that kind of stuff.

@SETTON18 you do realize this is a jokethread, do you? usui is just humourng the high number of "help me, please!" threads on colorless.
@UsuiTakumi listen to what @Kitto says, he can help you!

@Break Oh this is no "jokethread". I really DO have a disgusting addiction to horse cocks. Sometimes I even borrow several horses and perform a horse bukkake.

Its a really sad thing tbh. I hope what @One said will help....

@UsuiTakumi sounds liek a pure, happy hobby. just keep it going.

@break i never thought it was a joke i think its real and apperently it is.

@UsuiTakumi I think you should call a doctor about this since this is clearly starting to get out of hand. Or maybe you should get some group therapy with people who have the same addiction to horse cocks as you. They will sympathize with your problems. Or you could just visit a hypnotist to just I dunno... hypnotize you into not liking the feel of a horse's dick?

10 report. I'm sorry to inform you all that your advice did not help!!! I'm so sorry. I fell back into temptation. Yes, i am still receiving a horses large penis inside my small, soon to be not tight, ass.

Please everyone! I require any other advice that may help me! I continue to fall into temptation, so any advice will fucking do. Pleeeaasseee1!!!! IT FUCKING HURTS!!!

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