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Asking-Her-Out Suggestions (Thread)

I'm not one to go to the Internet for advice on such things, but all of my friends who I have asked or considered asking think I'm disgusting or strange. And people who have taken me seriously tell of only the negative effects of my decision to have a relationship with this person. I'll stop giving excuses as to why I'm doing this. Anyway, I have a strong desire to be in a relationship with or at least date this woman whom I find very attractive both physically and personality-wise. I plan to ask her out some time after my high school graduation. In the mean time, I will try to build a closer friendship with her. I am a high school student. I am 17. She is my teacher. She is 45. Should I ask her out? If you answer with "No", please provide a reason(s). I'm doing this to see if I can add more perspective to my choice.

wait till your 18 for legal reasons

We can hold secrets. We can wait 'til I'm 18 to pursue activities with each other, but I'm still wondering if I should ask her out, confirming that we will make known our relationship (or at least lose the sense of cautiousness) if there is going to be anything between us.

Also, the age of consent in my state is 16.

go for it tell her how you feel. and good luck.

Thank you very much.

your welcome

I can't really offer any advice or opinion on this matter, but good luck, just do what feels right to you and you'll be satisfied no matter the outcome.

I'd have to tell you to question what you're looking for before asking her. Unless you're willing to give a significant amount this could only go so far. If you're not looking for anything long term or serious, then best of luck.

Plus, keep in mind she could technically be a grandma by now. Just a perspective on her age, 45 is getting there.

@MrTrain Thank you.

@Kuru That's basically why I found her attractive in that she seems like someone I could settle with. I wouldn't want some sort of short-lived fling.

I wouldn't mind. When she grows older, I'll take care of her. I've always wanted to have someone to take care of.

Honestly, at first. i thought wut???? when i read this and after recalling about seeing your facebook a few hours ago, i think you should go for it. Even if the age gap is [quite] big. you look really happy with her (it is her in the picture, right?). and she is actually really cute and adorable, i can see why you like her (just not personality wise and no homo...except now it is) it might be strange, but you guys really do look like you make a really nice couple.

although, i have to admit. i think you should wait until you've finished high school. (unless february of next year is then?) or until you're 18 (since 18 is more recalled as an adult, but i don't think you'd want to wait until you're 21). that way, she can't lose her job as a teacher if you guys were to be found out. You can try and build more of a relationship with her in the mean time. But question, she's not in a relationship right? no kids, no husband, no boyfriend? if so, then maybe you shouldn't go for it.

anywho, i think it's great that you would take care of her, but i hope you would be able to know how and what to do so. (if you need help, you can always come to me hehe. i loved working in homes). I wish you all the best!~

Eh, why not? It's not like both my parents and their respective spouses don't have a huge gap.

But yeah, age is just an unfortunate circumstance in love. Don't let it stop you!

Just make sure this person doesn't belong to somebody first, OK?

@hais Thank you. And, yeah. I was considering that as well, but I tend to be an impatient person when it comes to things like this. Though, I think that it would be more beneficial or less risky to do so.
And no, lol. If she did, I wouldn't be in this situation.
And I shall keep that in mind~

@eterno Thank you. And I have.

So many love threads
Just watch
The world only god knows

@Inasda I have watched around half of season one. It's entertaining as an anime of the romance genre, but anime cannot teach you anything about having relationships. Well, as I've seen so far.

Yes it can @Penthus
"love with a teacher goes nowhere!!!~~~/fade/"
Meaning the job of a teacher is mainly teaching and supporting students.
I'm not saying it's not possible
I'm just saying life won't accept your relations.
Along with bisexuals, gays, lesbians and so forth
Also you got more guts than me

@Inasda It does for some students. If I remember correctly, a teacher at my old school had a relationship with one of her students and even wrote a book about it. She's still a teacher there.
Maybe I do, but that's just looking at it in one area. You probably have more courage in certain situations than I might have.

@penthus thats so bad ass i don't think i could do it but you but you have to i mean you seem like you really like this woman good luck man go for it(^_^)

@cj3366 Thank you.

i know i don't have much of a voice here but whatever, at first i thought this guy is crazy or delusional but after reading everything i think you should go for it

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