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Asking-Her-Out Suggestions (Thread) - Page 2

yea me too! i think it would be a good thing to ask her out but ask her somewhere were there isn't a lot of people. even tho she might say yes or no, you don't want to go through life not knowing what could've happend. Good luck! XD

@KaliVenom, @SodaPop, @NightLight
Thank you.

My first reaction was to wait until you're 18. But I did see your comment that the age of consent in your state is 16, so I suppose that is up to you.

The other thing I thought of is, is it illegal to be in a relationship with your teacher where you are? If so, wait until she is either no longer your teacher or you graduate (it doesn't sound like either one is that far away if you are 17)

That's all I'm thinking of at the moment.

@maelid Yes, it is illegal for a teacher to have a relationship with her student from where I live. I intend to build a closer friendship with her first, and see if I can ask her out after my school's graduation.

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