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what would you do for power. (Thread)

My question is what would you do for power. would you give up your family and friends and your lover. or would you give up your sight etc etc etc.

i wouldnt give up my family, friends or lovers, but i wouldnt mind giving up an arm or so.

giving up your sight is kind of counterintuitive lol.

For me, I would give up everything that isn't attached to me. So, I would give up my family, friends, etc. but not my left testicle or any part of my body.

Well i didnt mean those are the only things you can give up i mean you can give up anything you want from something physical to sopmething mental or spiritual.
as long as i lived with my beloved i would give up everything

Oh OK, In that case, I would give up my humanity or what's left of it first and foremost.

The question is HOW MUCH power?

I would befriend the current person in power, and offer to do his job when he decides he doesn't want to anymore.

@acostoss I'd befri- Oh hello friend, how is that running of the site going?

Just as @OneDollar said how much power are we talking about here? And while we're at it what kind of power?

Don't need it.

I'm already powerful. I am a mama.

Well, nothing. Since I would never let power of any kind get the best of me. Giving up my friends or anything else important for power? No.

I wouldn't give up anyone important to me, that's for sure, though I would give up my current hobbies or something of that level. Of course it heavily depends on how much or what kind of power we are talking about...

Really depends on all the details. There is much I would do to get some awesome powers but there are limits. I'm pretty OK with living like I do right now though. Maybe a little more money each month but yeah.

well i fits MUCH power, then really sacrificing body parts would be just fine with me, as long as the power gives me a means to restore them.

lol break then it's not really a sacrifice.

I'm willing to get bitten by a radio active spider.

Play a card game......on a motorcycle.

@lycan well @SETTON18 didnt really say wed have to sacrifice anything, just give it up. never said forever, either. id sacrifice my current arm, and get a new one. id still have given up the old one, after all... and maybe the new one is inferior (or superior but cursed/inhuman) to the old one.

kill everybody

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