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what would you do for power. (Thread) - Page 2

Strike fear to ones who are powerful

I'll give up my family name for power

Really depends
I, wouldn't want power for selfish reasons

I would give up my lover.

that I don't have

Give up something? Hell no! I'd seize power by its' chunky throat. I'd rather let other people feel any possible pain, loss, or suffering~

@ break true i never thought about it that way i should have put a kind of forever thing but im not going to change it now.

I would give up all of my video games.
The ones I don't play anymore, that is.

I would give a fu!k.

i would give a couple lems for powers like edward or like bleach or even the power of my own choosing i might even give up famliy if the power was right, what i give up i might be able to get it back with the power.

Fuck power I would do anything for a Klondike bar.

I would blow up the planet! BWAHAHAH

Oh wait

Thank you guys for answereing my thread keep them coming

I'd give up my humanity.

Well, it depends on what kind of power and how much. ( O u O )
Power comes with responsibility, and I probably won't be able to handle it
( - 3 - )/ I wouldn't give up anything that's important to me, and end up regretting it later.

Well the power you get is what you want it to be and what ever amount of power you want it all depends on your imagination.

I would buy a gun. I live in Kentucky, guns are like candy here.

THIS POWA IS INCREDIBURU. Power that needs to sacrifice others ain't power. One thing I wouldn't do for power is appeal to millionaires to fund me while I promise things to people, they and myself would actually desire, but instead act on the plans of my funders who put me in position of power. That's not real power

@JoJoBird i never asked what you think is power i just asked what you would do. and power is differnt for everyone it mean differnt things.

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