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Show Your Winter Spirit!! (Thread) - Page 3

;A; wolfy wont have a winter wolf grava T~T

Here's mine.
Aww yeah look at that fuzzy Santa hat action

@Yotsuba It's not the incest I'm worried about. ._.
I just don't want to be thrown into that horrid bush titled the "CL Family Tree"
It's pretty much a bush now rather then a tree. Btw your username is already ready for the holiday season huh? Being green and all.

@pureboredom fuck. who would even make these..... conksuck boots anyway

@Canon get yo ass all christmasish aight?
ok bye

I think The Groke is kind of fitting to the theme 8D

Rudolf Red for you~

Oh hey thar ;D

Okay Guys. Mine took me a good 3 hours. I made it all from scratch. Iput so much effort into this you have no idea. I made so many alterations.

I was ready for these Christmas gravas 4 months ago. Hipuhstahh

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