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[GANG]Is there a killing going on? (Thread)

Does anyone know a gang that's killing or hurting people in California right now? I'm interested in what they are doing and the gangs mystery. This is what interested me in humans and I'm curious to know more about humans too^^ thanks

It seems as if you are speaking of one particular gang, is that right?
As well, the title "[GANG]killing going on?" is strange, what exactly do you mean by that?
What kind of sentence is "killing going on?" if you had put "Is" or even "Is there" that would put some sense to it, however possibly not in the right context.

._.sigh people these days...

@MrTrain she did put "is" haha
it doesn't have to be right off the back written prefectly. This thread is for any age, thats the whole point of the dollars and everything on this site. We are all people who want to be a part of this, for example in "Durarara" everyone is not the same age or from the same place. The whole point is that everyone came together to help out or talk about diffrent things. Also, i see that some people have promblems when someone spells things wrong, i spell things wrong sometimes. This is what I have dug up for now.

ありがと!!thank you

you forgot the う there buddy

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