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Color (Thread)

Y'all know that the computer ain't shit when it comes to coloring.

Whatd'ya use to paint in da real world, playa?

My blood.

Watercolor pencils, watercolor, acrylic paint.

Copic markers... i dont hav em but i wish i did! Theyr amazing for coloring but their pretty expensive tho

@kuraihikari I was looking for those and when I finally found them I was like WTF? 500 dollars just for coloring sticks?

For markers, any other brand besides copic?


I'm 5% flesh and 95% creativity. I colour with my blood, sweat, and tears. Hoorah.

Don't eat my yellow snow.

red/blue/green/pink/black ballpoint pen, prismacolour pencil crayons, and some high end watercolours my sister gave me. Mostly I just do digital work though, and for traditional I keep it mostly to pencils.

@OneDollar Blimey! I'd forgotten how that word is spelt!

Thank you good sir! I'm gonna change it right away!

Cheerio!,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1076&bih=722&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=13712242881971323944&sa=X&ei=wjThToiUNMSwsAL35c2tBw&ved=0CJsBEOUNMAA#ps-sellers this ones still alot but its much less then $500.... hey i mite get these.... :P lol

@eterno 500$? where i am, they sell them for 3€ per pen, meaning if the priceas arent too different, 500$ would make a tleast 100 pens.. i dotn think you need THAT many...
well i rarely collour, id liek to use copics btuthey are too expensive so im trieng to get into colouring with computer. actually, i opened the thread hoping it had advice for just that.. sigh

@break I believe it was a set of 72 or something. It was in SGD so it's 7/9 of USD value.

Colouring with a computer is simple! Just draw, layer base colours, layer light and shadows, blend the colors that needs to be blended, put on highlights, and finally paint the background.

It's a no brainer, really.

@eterno oh its that easy? ill try to get better then^^ though im actually not 100% sure HOW to blend colours with paint.NET..

I find it easier to draw and paint on a traditional media than doing it on a computer. I find the stuff I do on my computer looking really tacky, not sure whether to blame myself or the tablet.


come at me bro

@OneDollar I've only been using the computer to color all this time and I think that one of its biggest problem is that you can't really see the depth unless you have a really huge screen or if you put your face as close to the monitor as possible.

With traditional media, you just need to tilt the paper :)

It's not your fault really. It's just how your brain processes the information. That's why it's better to learn traditionally first so that you can train your eye to see the depth.

@TalTal19 Yo bro, I'm sorry I made a mistake. I'm gonna change the title right a way.


British English FTW

For colouring I use a variety of things these are what I usually use:
Markers: Crayola, Staetdler
Coloured Pencil: Crayola, Laurentien
Paint: water colour which I don't know the brand of
Crayons: Crayola
Soy Sauce: Maggi
And I use the computer too.

Yeah, I used soy sauce to colour something, you got a problem with that?

@MrTrain Thanks for the correction mate!

Yeah, it's Soya Sauce not soy sauce.

Whatever works. If it has a spreadable dye, I'll use it.
I prefer pens though.

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