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Most amazing cover (of a song) ever! (Thread)

This is my friend from school, her name is Cecille Sorio, her cover for this song is absolutely amazing. she is entered in this contest and really deserves to win. Please watch her vid! Thank You :)

At first I was skeptical when I read the thread title but after starting up the video she's really quite talented.
How is the judging done for the contest anyway? Is it based off people's choice or a set of judges?

@ Elegy Oh thanks for watching! It is based by how many viewers she gets...I have been replaying the song forever! I am not sure who the judges are...but she is really talented! Thanks for watching

I figured such since you're posting it up here.
Personally I think view count is a little unfair in terms of deciding a winner. I'll be adding this song to my current playlist, though youtube doesn't count repeated watches, it counts unique hits.

yea i know i thought it would be like the best singer but i am still not very sure of the rules...but thank you for viewing!

Oh well, best luck to her, whatever the rules are.
I should thank you, this song is a highlight of the day.

aww your welcome but thank you though for viewing!

i like her voice...

Thanks for watching Josh! She is really good.

darnnn she's good

i think this here is also pretty good its not yet on youtube i think so you gotta register on niconico, but well tht only takes a second

@sullyangel Thanks for watching!

@break Thanks for watching and i'll check out that vid too.

she has a distintive voice, a mix of smooth and rough.

I hope she posts more videos :D

also i noticed the dumbells in the beginning XD

@PigBoss Thanks for watching...she has more covers on her page but this one was for a contest so i'm trying to get people to watch it...and lol I have to ask her about the dumbells! XD


Seriously. They should implement one of thos in embed videos.

@Noodle LOL watch it on youtube she needs the views anyway! Thanks for watching though! lol :)

OMG this is so awesome!!! uff! I will add a number on her view counter A Good luck to your friend!

@kotori Aww thanks so much for viewing!

Her voice is very smooth :) and relaxing...she has my vote

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