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Senior year and College. wew 0_O (Thread)

so, i guess college is a big deal, yeah?

I just got into my first public college of choice: the Biology college of the University of Minnesota. I know that there are better public schools out there but my family is financially not as well off as I would like it to be, and I really like cold weather, even if I rage about it.
I'm really happy but I also hope to get into more colleges (as in private) so to decide on more than one later on.

So the question to all you HS seniors out there:
1) which college do you want to get into?
2) (optional) name the college that you got accepted into (or rejected)

the question to all you unis (it doesn't matter if freshy or senior, undergrad or grad):
1) protips/sage adivce? (like food, stuff to bring, admissions, majors, academics, etc)
2) funny things that happened, and/or topic of your choice.

I don't wanna go to college but my parents insisted. Oh well, at least I know that they have a plan instead of 'crossing their fingers and hope I get a good job'.

I don't have any advice unfortunately, since my college experience might be totally different from what is 'typical' because I sorta have a blank check.

lol im guessing there isnt a lot of HS seniors on CL then...

I'd answer the questions but then again I realized it would be useless because lolspic.

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