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anyone else home schooled (Thread)

well anyway im home schooled and don't have a lot of friends so... yeah. i was curious if anyone else was and what they think of it. do you like it better than public school or don't know because you never have been in public school? do you still have a lot of friends or not many or at all because you don't have a good social life. sorry it was so vague but that is basically it.

im homeschooled and the only friends i have are the ppl in my skateboard crew..i liked public better but im in 12th grade now ~.~ so i cant turn back

Do you participate in other activities? Lessons, theater groups, or do you go to a church? A friend of mine is home-schooled, participates in a lot of other activities, and has many friends.

im homeschooled too! i have the same problem as @Wolfangle, im already in 12th grade so theres nothing i can do. i think i have a good amount of friends because i went to public school in 9th grade. it kinda of sucks tho :P

I used to be homeschooled from kindergarten to 7th grade by my pastor. I transferred to public school in 8th. Looking back at my first two years, I still cringe at how much of a faggot and socially awkward I was. I'm still a faggot in my Senior year in high school. At least I now know I am one. Also, went from Christian to apathetic agnostic. If my past self could see me right now, I'm sure it'd get an upset stomach.

@Penthus thats sad don't be to hard on your self you didn't know back then that thats there was a whole diffrent world outside of you homeschooled bubble :D
i had a friend like that in 9th grade and they would pick on him because he would act so diffrent so i would have to stand up for him we pretty much were in the same thing but nobody knew he was homeschooled i don't know why he didn't want people to know.

~.~ i started homeschool in 7th and tried different ones till 9th..i did a test and got left back..but this new site called allows me to do all grades this i kinda skipped all grades to get to 12th

thats kewl! mine is homeschooled but i have to show my homeschool teacher my work so its not that bad. talking about that i have math to do haha
i like to do mine at night because i stay up anyways :D
what about you?

i do it mid day..i get my books in the mail and do tests online..i ussually end up slacking off ~.~ i might finish 12 in late summer of early fall 2012

ohh your is diffrent them but soulds kewl :D
i should finish in june, but thats if do it over the summer.
do you have online teachers? or how does your work get corrected?

I was home schooled for a year but had to do three years worth of work. So bored. Basically everyone I work with though is apparently home schooled. Bunch of 16 year olds.

you work with a bunch of 16yr olds?? o-O

Chickfila apparently hires at 16(Maybe even 15). Half the people there are home schooled teens. I feel so old now.

i do group stuff but ehhh... not good with people or little kids... i can't stand little kids like 12 or younger. it kinda depends on who they are. but omg... i tried helping out at like some daycare thing and i think i know what hell is like now.

My friend works at an aftercare thing for a high school. I laugh at him daily. He thinks its a hardcore job. I call it community service. He's basically a babysitter. Of course he said he more or less watches the door. Ok, then he's a bouncer. Even better.

true it is easier than other jobs(seriously, a lot ), but since i hate kids it doesn't help. it's like hating chocolate... but working on a chocolate factory... i would re-phrase that but i don't know how. XD

Do home school kids get called out in public school?

what do you mean by called out?

Mocked I guess.

What is it like to be homeschooled anyway? My high-school counselor advised me to be homeschooled but my mom objected to it strongly and wanted me to graduate from a 'normal' school so I could get more friends(I ditched them all in the end though and only kept the closest ones).

Also about working with young kids, I think it's easier than working with adults if you learn to 'appease'. Kids don't have as much dignity as an adult you know.

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