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anyone else home schooled (Thread) - Page 2

Homeschool life can be tough...but if u went to public school first and stayed in touch with ur friends from school it makes it so much easier. Like wolfangle most of my friends were the ppl i skated with,but over all it is really dull when your waitin for your friends to get out of school to hang out and it seems as though u eventually fall apart

Homeschooling sucks a bit. Usually when you're unmotivated. I'm homeschooled too.

I hated it.You know how it is. You think "This'll be awesome I get to sit at home all day and work at my leisure!" but that gets old after about a week or two. I personally found myself to be extremely lonely and depressed. I was so stoked to go back.

i guess being homeschooled can suck unless you go to public school then homeschool then ya could keep in touch wit them so i know how you feel

~.~ well atleast ill have more time to make money b4 i move out sometime, because of finishing school so earlier than ppl in public..maybe in like 3 years from then id be a real good skater too :D

you don't have to spend money for gas when driving to school either. thats one of the only things i like about it.

~.~ that wud be a problem for me if i went to school..the new place where i recently moved is 1 block away from the local high school

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