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Any gift suggestions? (Thread)

I'm currently having trouble finding good Christmas gifts for my friend and my mom...
So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for the following.

I'm planning to get my mom a guide on using computers (preferably an iMac) and/or the internet, as it might come in handy when no one's around to help her.
For my friend, I'm planning to get him a book which he can learn drawing from, since he wants to be a concept artist.
So if you have any good suggestions, please post! =3

Can't recommend anything for your mom
But for your friend, depending on what type of art he wants to do, buy "art of drawing: manga"

@Inasda Actually, I was hoping to get him a book that doesn't teach any specific style of drawing. I think that might help him more, but that's just my opinion.
Thanks for the suggestion though! =3

Well for your mother, I would suggest against getting the computer guide. It would send a signal to your mother that you don't want her around, plus you're still an easier guide to use then any book. If you can, try to pick a gift that doesn't make one feel like you want them to fuck off. Keeping good relationships is a good thing~

I have no suggestions for a gift though as i do not know your mother. You can find a drawing book, or any type of artsy guide books at your local book store. Just head by and pick something up~

What's your price range?

The only good book I can think of recommending for your fiend is this one because it has badass art and it is amazing for creating concept characters. I also recommend artbooks because its good for reference and inspiration.

For your mom I would say something like an ereader. It's an introduction to newer technology and your mom would probably get more interested in computers if you bought her something that makes her use computers more.

@Usui Takumi I didn't mean for it to sound like that... -_-
The reason I want to get her a guide is so she'll know what to do when no one's around to help her. Thanks for letting me know anyway.
I'll try to rephrase it so it doesn't sound like I'm telling her to fuck off.

@One Thanks a lot! =3

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