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NYAN IT!! (Thread)


what the-....

I clicked. I enjoyed. Nyan.

it works with a lot of website as well :D just follow the format[insert website name]

It was... adorable ;A;

uh... r0ng? don't get it... but that was the best shit iv'e ever seen on this website... on a scale from 1 to 10... (you know im going to say it) IT WAS OVER NYAN THOUSAND!!!!!

;A; i love it

I'm still "Nyaning" it. Holy shit they get really big. Get the fuck out of the way Nyan cat I'm trying to post this shit.

Turned it off. It got in the way of reading posts :l
Not to mention I was listening to music before...

It's be better if there was more and they weren't so massive. Trying to post this while it's going is ridiculous.

@archangle... that pic... is my new desktop...

Ok I had too much fun with this.. XD

@Megumi-tan You act like you're never seen a rage comic before. Say it ain't so!

it ain't so... no seriously i know what it is.

mother of fuck, nyan cat grows and everything

Are they coming closer or is it just me?
/Tries to touch them


Before I knew it I was looking at all the threads tagged as "cat"
I must have accidentally clicked it... Or?..

I've seen it all now...


I was totally gonna tell colorless about this, but then I took an arrow in the knee. @Jin-sama's fault XD
Thx for the win again.
OOhhh I can't she shiz with all these cats flying over here!

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