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A Goddess of a dream (idea on a short story of images) (Thread)

Today I woke up from an inspiring dream, one that fleshed out an entire story though beautifully vivid imagery.
I plan to make a set of images and text to go along and retell this story to the world, but I need a bit of help and feedback.

I'll explain what I need help with at the end, so first I'll tell you about what actually transpired.

There's a goddess looking after a city that's quickly descending into chaos; everyday people become worse, more hate filled, less empathetic, uncaring of that around them. As the goddess of this city, she must accept their blackened hearts else wise the city itself will begin to crumble.

To accept their feelings she (for lack of a better word) teleports to a room/area for this purpose. It's pure white, and stretches on forever in all directions, the only thing there is her and the bloody shadow she cats on the floor. A shadow that's been increasing in size and colour for years now.

The strain of the people's hate on her body has been increasing with the shadow, and has become far more than her body can handle.

Exiting the room, exhausted and in pain, she see's her dearest partner in this world limping towards her. A small off-white puppy, that's been abused by the city. It's shoulder is leaking out blood and it makes a pitiful sound as it comes to her.

At this point, my dream presented me with choices. Having no lucidity I wasn't the one to choose which way this story went, but I do knwo how the other two would have ended. I'll reorder it so the first options last, since the first option is what my dream chose, and surprisingly the one I need help on.

Overcome by rage and through with silently keeping the city alive, she returns to her white room; her shadow practically oozing out across the floor. Falling to her knees she takes it all in, all the dark feelings of he people, and lets it transform her. The city begins to feel tremors and buildings start to collapse, as her mutated form stalks the crumbling streets she tears apart any who pass.
Ending 3 complete. This is the chaos ending.

CHOICE TWO: Continue On
Hurt by her friend's uncalled for abuse, but unable to do anything she bandages the wound and continues on living her life the way she has been, quietly taking the torment until she withers away and is consumed by the dark shadow.
Ending 2 complete. This is the bad ending.

CHOICE ONE: Forgive (Rebirth)
Unable to stand for this anymore she knows what she has to do. Rebirth the city to a fresh state, try to give the city another chance to turn out a different way. She returns to her white room, but realizes she's too late. She's weak and frail, the city is just too much for her. Her old self, so full of life, would have been able to easily...
Ending 1 incomplete.

So I think it's clear what my issue is. The option my dream chose gave me an issue and I woke up before it was resolved. How does the story end?
Input on this? The story as a whole? Possible changes?

I have a quick sketch of the Goddess, and I know the style I wish to do this in, however I don't have an example yet of the style.
her hair colour keeps changing in my mind but I think that may have been the original colour

hm interesting, though up to the choices, the setting reminds me an awful lot of a darker attempt at the setting around "magic knight rayeearth", dotn you think?

i'd choose option 3 for an ending.. (the kinds of choices and three ends hthis time remidn me of saya no uta btw..)
if her haircolor keeps chanign, why not describe her hair as "beeing liek a rainbow/beeing all colors of the spectrum"?

I haven't actually watched Magic Knight Rayearth, do you mind elaborating a bit more?

Do you mean pick the option of Rebirth?
I think in total there was about 7 choices/endings, but I can't remember the other 4 and they probably really didn't relate since I can't remember them. As for Saya no Uta, I saw that less of having three endings and more just like "at what point do you want the madness to end?" kind of thing.
I personally love the full ending, because as awful as it is, it's beautiful.

Well, I know it had an set colour, it didn't change, just my mind can't decide what it was once I woke up. I'll probably play with it until I get a colour I'm happy with rather than what I thought it was.

well, in magic knight rayeearth, there is this other world, which is held up by the prayers of a certain girl, and she is held captive by one of her priests because he thinks its unfair that she has tos houlder that burden and devote her whole life to holdign up taht world.. i guess the initial story settign is similar in a way..

hmyeah i did^^
ah so? i didnt really see it that way... but yeah, the true end is the best (no surprise..)

ah okay

Then it's also similar to Ar Tonlico, with a single reyvateil singing the chronicle key.

Well they are all different endings but each ending is just further along in the story. Fuminori had a chance to be changed back, if he did story ends there, if not it just keeps going. Obviously also getting less and less "sane" by our standards.

hm could be. also similar to aiyoku no eustia, with the high priestess keeping the city inthe sky wiht her prayers.

true, true...though the two last ends arent really on the "end the madness" path anymore, are they? sure, they get killed, but the friend (forgot his name) will be mad then instead, driven mad by guilt..

Concept is used quite a bit here and there it seems, I knwo a few other examples too.

It's still stop the madness because if it didn't end there well then shit son, you got the whole world turning into things that look like Saya.

@Elegy true true...

ah well but think about it, tis actually a very happy end; if everyone is like saya, then it wont makee a difference to them; in the end, its only a problem if one monster is among "humans", if all o humanity is "monsters", then its not really a problem anymore.. they can just live on as they are now, get used to it, and find happiness like saya did. the only inconsitency is that withotu any humans left, i wodner what they ae supposed to eat, sicne at least fuminori doesnt like anthign else than human flesh now..

That's the point of view considering Fuminori as protagonist, from any other side of the story besides Saya's both of them are evil and that end is a pretty shitty one. It's very VERY two sided in this aspect, you can't forget that everyone else in the world probably won't take well to becoming monsters. For people to come to accept this new life and world will take a very long time.
As well as he too would be changed by her spores.

finally, he'd probably eat food that's become normal to him, he saw food when there was flesh, he saw flesh when there was food. turn the food to flesh and he can eat it just fine. I'm sort of rushed on time so this is a bit unorganized thinking...

@Elegy ah yeah i totally forgot taht he would be affected too. though taht makes me wodner, given the whole "senses" problem, wodultn it be possible that teh changed humans wouldnt actually NOTICE they were changed? if fuminori's "condition" coems withthe transformation (after all, she used his DNA/sperm to create the spores), then the humans who were chnaged into mosnters would actually.. see the monsters as humans. so despite beeing monster snow, they owuld nto actually NOTICE any difference... is what i was going at with my previous argument. which of course also opens up the path to an interesting philosophical arguemnt as to what is "truth", and what we see... hey, amybe were all in fact sayalike monsters and we dotn notice xD

It's clear the doctor noticed during the transformation during the epilogue, and we can't know if Saya actually changed their brains as well of it it's just the outer appearance. There's two points to be made about this:

One: seeing yourself deform into a monster is a hellish thing to experience. I'm sure just imagining it is enough but we even got an example of the psychological stress someone goes through when Yoh was first changed.

Two: When Yoh was changed her mind was already broken from the process, hence why she became a "pet". However I don't think her mind was actually altered since she seemed still able to recognize Fuminori despite him still looking human at that time.

@Elegy AH i guess i forgot botu that huh..yeah your right.. but well, its still not as bad as it seems..we know from the example of saya that the monsters saya is (man an official name sure would be nice for discussions llike this) that they have personalities and emotions at least similar to humans, so even if those that were originally human might despair or whatever..theyll get used to it. at least the next generation, or at least the second generation of already born monsters will not mind it at all, a sthey dotn know it any other way, and its not like that existence causes oyu pain or anything.. so the only thign taht really changes is the outer appearance, so yeah. i guess in the long run, its fine.

Getting to the next generation may be an issue. Fuminori seems to think the monsters are beyond repulsive, remember that he was going to kill himself before saya came along. I'm not too sure how likely these people are going to want to reproduce with eachother.
At very least I expect mass suicide would become popular and the human population would go down very quickly.

also, Saya was different from the rest, a human brought her up and fed her human knowledge, so she grew up with human emotions and thoughts. The guy himself left that journal on how he screwed her up by teaching her what love is.

@Elegy yeah i know, but all the transformed humans were orignally brought up as humans since they were humans, so.... they should retain their personalities. well, the mass suicide idea is true, but its for sure that numerous people were already pregnant whent hey got transformed, and i suppose the embroy's would also be transformed, otherwise the method to chnage humanity into.. monsteranity would not be very good, and one of the reasons why say ahad so much sex with fuinori was to make ti perfect right?)also one of the reasons he foudn them so repulsive was not only their looks but also their language and smell, their general OTHERNESS, well, the usual explanation for why eldritch abominations are repulsive. if oyur one yourself, the OTHERNESS, the main reason why theyre so repulsive in the first place, goes pretty much away; if everyoen speaks like taht and your.. hearign organs are made for taht kind of language, the repulsiveness from taht goes away too. in total, it should be alot easier on them then it wa son fuminori.

Even if they are one themselves I still can't see it easy to get used to that sort of thing. Of course the hearing and such would be easiest to get around, and since the world is slowly evolving they won't have quite as much trouble as Fuminori did with pictures and figuring out the landscape...
Eventually yes there will be the few who start to adapt, but it's gonna be hell and riots and suicide/murder for a good long time. Humans don't like such sudden change.

@Elegy tue true, but a slogn as some adapt, they can get children who wont have problems at all, because well, they dotn have to adapt, they are like this from the beginnign right? beeign former hmans though, their parents can brign them up to get emotions and stuff just like saya, and voila, we have a functionign society of tentacle monsters XD

Yeah, eventually it would work out somehow, just the transitions would be messy. I think this just descended into a Saya no Uta thread than what I started it as.

haha it truly did huh...

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