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Winter Is Coming (Thread)

And so it has begun

"In the cold days of Winter, the weak perish. As the Winter ends, the Spring awakens to a brand new, clean world"

Our Spring has ended, and our hope has vanished. This matters not, for

Winter Is Coming.

so ughhh, anything coing this winter?

And so it has begun

i'm not sure how i feel about this metaphor

So now that we're gathered here... what's up?

It's freezing in here.

It's freezing in here.


Freezing and it!!

phew so anyone else not having a single flock of snow nd almost n rain even though tis decembre already and its gettign dark at 17:00 o'clock? (5 p.m.)

Hi everyone! :D Well... I've been on hiatus for a pretty long time. You know, college and all that. Anyways, I'm pretty sure this will work and either @Gar or @acostoss can add this to Colorless for a Christmas feel, right? (It's an HTML code made of SNOW!!!) :D The reason I say I'm sure it will work is because I tried it on my tumblr HTML thingy and it worked! I'll link you to the tumblr post as reference since I can't post HTML codes. ^_^ Make it snow on Colorless! :D (or would this kind of snow be annoying? I find it pretty cool!)

*EDIT: By the way, I like the fog effect! :D Pretty awesome!

I hat winter

The frost is cool. Snow plugins are not.

@Ipotane I will hug you tightly and brotherly on the first occasion, alright.

Also, to step in, there is something approaching, and this is us playing a game with you all. You should play along :)


if i don't win, i die :(

OH NOOOOO my computer must be messing up the site seems to be freezing over!!!

A game of life or death. You lose, you freeze to death.

Is it just me or is the frost growing?
It's probably just me huh?

@MrTrain oh I clicked this thread to ask the very same question.

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