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Emailed By A Stranger (Thread)

For the last few days, I have been getting emails by a random woman. I have never met her before, but she wants me to do her a favor. She claims to live in a refugee camp, have 3.7 million dollars, and wants me to help her come to the United States so she can meet me. I am reluctant to believe any of this because she sourced my email from the internet, and I think this may be a scam. Her name is Miss Ruth, and she wants me to transfer her money into my bank account then send her some of it so she can get to this country. If she has this much money, why does she need a stranger's help?
What would you do if this happened to you?

This has Nigerian Scam written all over it. Filter/block out the emails.

This is so much scam it hurts.

Troll back. Pretend you'll help, befriend her, write ridiculous things and see how long you can keep a correspondence going? There's a guy who sometimes writes for Cracked (think is name is Max Yepitzelok or however he spells it) who has a blog- he scams scammers and countertrolls them really hard!

Tell her Tits or GTFO.

tell her you just dont give a fuck.

follow her every whim

1+ @Vivo

Also, please tell me you don't believe this woman/G.I.R.L.

Nigerian Scam indeed!

Agreed with @Kubinashi and @Vivo. Yup.

Better part of this problem lies in living in a refugee camp, and having major amounts of money. I say give it a go! At most if this money is put in your bank account, you'll have a good solid 13 hours before feds are all over you. You can get a solid million out and go get a passport or hop on a ferry leaving to places unknown. Better part being she's still living in a refugee camp waiting on a ticket from you harharharharharhehe.

In seriousness though Ms. Ruth is a dude, this man most likely lives in Paris or some other European country(but i'd stake my money on Paris). He is of African decent that is true. And I know this because my best friends dad is African, and he told me his uncle does stuff this and guess what he lives in PARIS (-_-)

Troll the shit out of Mr. Ruth.

@Kubinashi-Ride I agree.

But if you want a serious answer from me. Well just block/filter. Regardless whether she said is true or false (definitely false) people shouldn't email without permission. Period. I am a hater of emails from sites that I have never seen before or claim to know me or want to help me. So I let them all burn in the depths of Absolute Deletion. While I like Kubinashi-Ride's idea... I am to lazy to do that although it would be pretty funny. So yea bringing the hate of stranger mail here.

@Settsuo-kun Paris? Sorry but when I think troll/scam I don't think Paris... why? besides your uncles dog's cousin... (family relations are difficult lazy here). Need proof.

@Neko-Chan. Instead of saying why Paris could not be a place where scams are, ask why could it. Paris is a place where scam artistry thrives. I've went and seen it first hand. The lost gold ring next to a fountain, a Musician ever so blocking your path, they are there and pretty open with it. No shame of course, but I can say I can see a scam like this coming from, Paris, is all.

Ok thanks for the advice.I think I will troll this person for a while but if it becomes too much, she will be blocked. I do intend to keep posting what she says for awhile just incase I need more help later.

Also sorry for not answering sooner, but due to my gluttony, I ate some bad cafeteria food at school, and was down for the count. They shouldn't give out stuff like that if all it does is make people sick. Luckily I didn't catch the virus that broke out this week.

Awesome, please do keep us updated on the trolling front!

I just replied to her email. I told her a few days ago about my friend who actually does want to help her, but she keeps emailing me. I will just play along with her then. This should be fun.

See "My correspondence with Nigerian scammers" and "Maxy" (about ebay) for examples of high-quality trolling by the guy I mentioned above ;)

@Kubinashi-Rider You are so awesome! I read you correspondences and they were really something. I think I will follow your examples and treat this Ruth character in the same fashion.

Haha, it isn't me, it's just a site I saw on the internet one day! I'm excited to see what you'll come up with ;)

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