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Governments: Fix the old one or get a new one? (Thread)

It's been awhile mates, time to get your brains in gear and talk srs stuff.

Can you fix a broken government without replacing the whole goddamn thing? Take for instance the uprisings in Libya. They said screw it, we're just going to get rid of our old leader and get a new one. Rather, they "forcibly evicted" Gaddafi from office (If you missed the news, he's dead.) There are uprising across the world, such as the Occupy movement. Similar to an old computer, vacuum, or food; people have gotten tired of their old government and have decided to throw it out.

Is it really possible to fix a government from the inside? Could a time come where good people come into power and set things straight WITHOUT having to forcefully remove the old bad members. In many places, America certainly included, corporations have a thick hand in government. The people who are willing to play their game are kept in office with strong campaign contributions. In exchange, they pass bills for said companies, and a self satisfying cycle occurs. Corruption accumulates, and bad members are not cycled out properly.

And while this problem is plain to see, people are too comfortable to care and the alternatives are far and few between. Sure, this congressman is a dick and tried to do all these horrible things, but the other candidates look just as slimey and they might be worse. While people are comfortable, they stick with the familiar. The people involved in the democratic process really don't care about what they vote for.

So if we have a large, large mass of people being bombarded with propaganda and system that favors corruption, can it be fixed from the inside? Is it really possible to get new members into congress and set right all the wrongs? When America was founded, people thought the system was almost fool-proof. It started off well, but started to fester with corruption. The growth was exponential (well technically because of the population limit; logistic).

To take it a step farther, can one create a governing system in which corruption can be prevented. This question is mostly just for shits and giggles, most people understand that there is no perfect system. However, if there was one, what would be some features and changes?

I think any government has the ability to change... but it generally requires reaching an apocalyptic level where... unless action is taken immediately... the country will fail. The reason for this being, that because of all the corruption, ideologies, and self-preservation... members of government will fight any change to the status quo.

The problem being that the members of government have to recognize this and apply the brakes on whatever is causing the country to fail before the people revolt. This rarely happens since governments tend to build up so much momentum in the wrong direction, that they wind up driving themselves off a cliff. You can think in terms of a train. When government starts out, it only performs the very basic functions. It's lean. Things can be changed quickly as needed. However, when you begin to grow the size of government (add cars) you begin to create a situation with all sorts of conflicting self interests and it becomes more and more difficult to get anything done. Because of this, the train continues lumbering forward without the changes necessary to keep it running smoothly. And as with any vehicle... without proper maintenance... it will eventually break down.

Once people begin to revolt, others will rally behind them since they are taking action to correct their government... unlike the current members of government who, at this point, are notorious for their inability to act.

Regarding the second half of your question. The only way I can see to create a system where corruption is prevented... it to eliminate the incentives that lead to corruption and introduce incentives that motivate government to police itself. The best approach I can see would be to apply a scientific method type of approach, where... based on some agreed upon model.. we make decisions that are logical. In other words, we need something to guide us in making the best decisions possible... instead of doing whatever it takes to keep you in office.

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