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who thinks they have the most threads or posts here? (Thread)

just wonderin'

E-penis: Cum Lots edition!

Edit: lol those two sound so wrong together... >:3

Yeah okay I'm gonna browse through all the users profiles and compare their percentage of posts (Yes I'm being sarcastic, thank you for noticing) and I'll return here when I know who posted most.

Probably @Break because nothing stops this bitch from posting in every thread <3

yaay lycan xDD actually, back when we still had the top 100-thingy, i was on the number 1 without even aiming for it, even though there were people aiming for it by spamming dead threads XD

It's @break no doubt.
He totally broke the record a lone time ago.

14710 (3.04%)


You should get a part-time job @break. If you can post for hours upon end like you have thus far, I'm sure you stock groceries at the speed of light. XD

haha @VicoDePyre are you a psychic? iwas actually gonna apply for one on monday xD

I think starting to care about post count is a dangerous road. =P

Dangerous indeed.

We have actually been there.....

I was of course 1st XD but yea,

It caused useless threads to be made so...@admin had to remove it

It be a dangerous road ^__________^

i have 0.01 percent... im on a roll...

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