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Future plans ( jobs?) (Thread)

Recently I have been thinking on my future plans due to my "Highers" which can help me succeed into further education like University or College. However, there is the other opinion of working down the path of getting a job or stable career. Though in this current climate of jobs in the United Kingdom I do not think it is wise to do so.

I am at that stage where I am confused and do not know what to do. If I wish to go to University I would like to do something with languages. I was wondering if I could get advice on how to approach this and also what is the future plans of some users on this site?

Honestly, I would advise you to get as much education as you can while you're young. As you said, the current job situation is not so good and even if you did start off in a career you could end up being made redundant and find it hard to find another quickly.
Uni will not only help you gain qualifications but also contacts. Also, if you're interested in languages you may be able to enter an exchange programme while you're studying there which will be an awesome experience. :D

@Keri, Thank you very much for your advice! University seems like the best possible option to be honest right now. I am going to a few of the open days, though one University I have set in mind is Herrot Watt because of the language course they have to offer suits best on what I aim to be when I'm older. Also the fact of the visiting the country that I intend to learn their language would help tremendously. Thank you again for the advice! :D

You're welcome. I hope the open day goes well for ya, you're certainly smart enough to make it.

Just... follow your dreams... If you don't have any then look for it while trying to keep yourself happy.

About languages, the best way to learn is by Audio even when it's a language that has a complicated alphabet like Japanese.

Lastly, don't force yourself to college (I did and I wasted a year of my life that I will never EVER get back). If you don't feel that you're ready yet, try to look for interest groups. Because you said something with languages, try to find courses that has something to do with languages before paying the big money to the fat turtles.

@Keri Thank you again, you are so sweet!

@eterno I follow my dreams all the time, mostly.

Somehow Languages come naturally to me somehow. I understand audio is a very good technique to use, I use it with almost ever subject I do, though when it considers languages the best possible way to learn a language properly is move or live in that country.

I'm considering my options wisely right now so that I don't make regrettable mistakes later into the future that will affect me long-term. Also, Universities in Scotland are slightly different compared to other countries as Scottish students don't have to pay, I'm not completely sure how it works, I guess I will just have to look into it.

Move or live in the country is unnecessary. What's more important is immersion.

If you immerse yourself in a language and try to downplay your own native language or any other languages you know, you'll be able to understand the language really quickly.

Say, you're learning French, try not to think, write, read, or listen to anything that isn't in French or doesn't have a French subtitle.

Also, if you don't have to pay then that's good. Still though, you're sorta paying them with your time so you need to be careful not to waste the time.

Oh, and one more thing that is more important and very difficult to do than following your dreams: follow your heart.

Believe me, following your heart is hard because you only know that you're not following it when you're stressed out.

@Eterno Everyone has different methods of learning

Also, I lived in France for two years and learnt better French that I would over in the United Kingdoms education system. This is also one of the reasons I am so interested in languages and would like to continue learning them and get a stable career with them.

I just go with the flow, which could be my heart. I rarely stress out about exams only when I have totally forgotten about a test or my results come in the post do I really stress.

@Dec That's because France is the most immersive place to learn French lol.

What I'm saying is that what's more important is immersion. If you live in France but still think in English and try to cling unto English stuff all the time you won't learn anything at all.

That's why there's a difference between ESL students and people who score perfectly on TOEFL. The ESL students might be getting good at English but they still think with their first language and that's why their English is choppy. Perfect 'TOEFL-ers' (not adequate or minimum score but perfect, give or take) might not be able to write a story, give a speech, or pronounce things correctly BUT they know what they're talking about and if they make a mistake, they know how to correct it and know why it's wrong.

I know this because I have a Brazilian friend whose English is very heavily accented and makes grammar mistakes ALL THE TIME. However, everyone knows what he's talking about because he speaks clearly (albeit pronunciations are kinda weird if not sexy) and He understands everything that is spoken to him. He never set foot in an English-speaking country before and his English is pretty much on Tony Montana level (which is good IMO, better than the Asians that always cling to people from their own country).

It's not just about interests, needs, or whatever. It's really about how immersed you are with the language because, like a baby, if you disregard your current language, you have no other choice than to think with the second language.

2nd point: I do go with the flow too but it really isn't the same thing. Following your heart is when you hit a roadblock, you keep going instead of whining, stressed out, etc. It's totally different than interests and speaking of interests, they are dangerous too because they could drop you into the pit of despair.

Try it like this: I've only recently been interested in drawing and I fail ALL THE TIME. Still, while it's a new interest and I get stressed out a lot because of it, I always pick up the pencil again and again instead of just dropping it altogether.

In contrast, I had been interested in game design for most of my life and I went to college for it. However, over time I got stressed of coding, animating, modelling, etc. but I still insisted that it was my passion. I ended up ditching it and by that I mean, I got my parents really mad at me for wasting their money (They told me to suck it up, I did too because it was my passion and all but...).

Then I took up animation. When it was showing symptoms of Game Designerrehea I ditched it too, despite being my 'second' passion (because of Anime mostly).

Now I'm in Motion Pictures, which is my 'third' passion and I have a history of being a determinator about it so let's see how it goes...

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